Wylde About Tenggara

This report is written byTenggara۪s first guest, 2016 Stand Up Paddle Racing Women’s World Champion (and overall Water Woman extraordinaire)Fiona Wylde. Photos kind permission Eric Duran Gazquez.

OK, so I۪m officially exhausted and I۪ve had too much sun! I۪m taking a break in my private little bamboo bungalow sea air whispering through the door, thunder clouds rumbling in the distance. This is Indonesia at its most atmospheric.

The reason for my sunburn and fatigue is the A-grade Point out the front that doesn۪t seem to stop breaking!

I wish I had better night vision and didn۪t need to sleep because this wave is a stone۪s throw away from my bed.

The first half of our trip saw several head high sessions out the front and at an epic A-frame 20 minutes down the coast.

On some of the smaller days, photographer Eric and I have been making the most of the diving around the area, and watching in fascination as the local fishermen dive for Gose۪ the seaweed clinging to rocks on the bottom.

Waves aside, just being here feels like I۪m in a movie, and I need someone to pinch me. The mountains cascading into the sea, the boat available whenever we choose to search for empty waves, there۪s nothing missing!

Actually, there HAS been something missing! Other surfers! Apart from my friends Alex and Eric, I۪ve lost count of the times I۪ve had entire, glorious lineups to myself. I۪ve found myself exhausted because everytime I’ve kicked out of a wave, another set has been looming on the horizon and I۪ve sprinted back out to the peak to not let anything go to waste.

The last few days have seen a serious pulse come through with some real size. Incredibly, the wave shape has only changed for the better. I۪ll share my thoughts on these sessions in a follow up report, but I۪ll sneak a few pics into this one!

Tenggara truly is beautiful not lacking in adventure by any means but somewhere I would recommend to my family and my friends as a place they should put on their bucket list.

~ Fiona