Sounds obvious, but it’s good to look after your health and fitness, hey: you’ll live longer, your joints will hold up as you age, and you’re just able to do experience life more fully. And if you’re coming to the Telos in August, you’ll be able to keep surfing, day after day after day, as the Indian Ocean just keeps on keeping on.

Just as well this guest group – made up of two South Cali lads, two North Cali boys, and four American North Shore expats – were surf fit, paddle fit, duckdive fit and barrel fit, because it pumped!

Let’s meet the crew.

Will Hutchinson // Will’s a founding partner of seriously wonderful Nor Cal surf shop Proof Lab. Will charged the heavier breaks, getting slotted at Dislocators and pumping GTs, and loved Max’s Left – treating it like his playground. Will surfed right up until his flight, tasting salt water all the way home.

Keith Eshelman // Owner & founder of ‘The Parks Project’ – a clothing label with a genuine enviro and sustainability focus. A barrel fiend who found the slot slotted at GTs and draining Max’s Right. Keith hadn’t surfed in a while and loved experimenting with different boards which he adapted to his smooth style.

Nathan Garrison // Frother of the group! First in, last out. Owner and founder of ‘SharkBanz’
Nate never held back and charged with a smile permanently affixed to his noggin – especially when beating everyone at Hermit Crab Racing. Didn’t mind a margarita or two, or a pit or two, at GTs. Loved The Bubble, as we all do.

Tim Nelson // Nate’s best mate and colleague in ‘Shark Banz’. Tim’s an avid hunter who stalked many gems at Max’s Left, Max’s Right and Le-Ba. Top bloke with a big heart who’s getting married soon. Go well mate!

Aaron Presser // North Shore fella. Father of two, finance fella, swapping spreadsheets for surf, and getting his wave count up like nobody’s businesss. Combed the inside at GTs, ending up on the reef. (Not a bad tattoo though mate! Ha!) Chased barrels at Dislocators and GTs like a man possessed. Several good sessions out front at Max’s Right.

Sumner Garbner // Some of us can only get away on a trip if we bring a bit of work along with us. Sumner, who’s Aaron’s good mate and business partner, was up early for work calls most mornings, but never missed a session. Sumner took to solid Schoolyards with relish, treating it like Sunset Beach back home. Anyone who’s surfed Schoolies at size knows it’s a big, broad playing field – calling on Sumner’s muscle memory of his beloved break at home.

Wayne ‘Shaggy’ Gardener // Known as Shaggy to his mates, this stay-at-home dad, ex South African pro bodyboarder and part-time surfer tackled GTs and Dislocators on his lid, getting shacked off his nut, and took to The Left, Le-Ba and Max’s Right with style on his surfboard.

Chris Burniske // North Shore resident, crypto venture capitalist, eternal grommet and pig-dog pull-in specialist. Chris took his surfing seriously and reviewed his clips daily with stoke. Chris was so stoked on the Telos he did back to back trips with us, which pleased us no end as we dig this man’s company.

With Superguides™ Dom, Guy and Dingo leading the way and Hayden on the lens, this was a magic trip. The boys charged! It was a pleasure trading barrels and stories. With no shortage of swell, it’s a mystery how we managed to fit in a Telo Island Tour, fireworks and hermit crab racing. Helps to be fit hey!