TIL trip seven was an international affair, where four Californian navy blokes, a couple of Aussie larrikins, a flying Dutchman and an English chap all bonded over a common mission to score uncrowded perfection. Ably led by Superguide™ Dom, our guests got up early every morning, put the Telos over their knees and gave it a good spanking. Let’s meet ‘em! (Imagery by legend lens fella Josh Bystrom.)

Jason Hogg // Hailing from Manly, NSW, return-guest Hoggy’s your classic Aussie larrikin who rode his longboard with the confidence of someone who’s got these breaks dialled. Our man had a minor run in with the dreaded C-19 lurgy, but you can’t keep a good Hogg down and he was back to form in a matter of days. A damn fine, funny fella who brightens any trip!

Troy Vagg // This was Troy’s second time to the Telos. A super mellow fellow, Troy’s recently joined the ranks of the longboarding fraternity and finds the extra volume much to his liking. Like his pal Hoggy, Troy copped a minor beating with the Covid stick, but there’s nothing a 36 hour sleep can’t fix! A well dressed corporate concierge back in Manly, the inner beast comes out in this man when the camera comes out of the case.

Gary Gluck // Speaking of beasts. Meet Gary! Alpha bloke. An imposing physical presence and absolutely the kind of bloke you want in your corner. A long-serving Navy medico, now retired, Gary’s suturing skills came in handy on the last session of the last day when buddy John cut up his knee at pumping Max’s Left. That session was a highlight for Gary for another reason, an insane highline speed drive on a gem of a wave, a well-earnt moment of joy where nothing else matters.

Jason Henry // Somewhere on the way to the Lodge from this California home, Jason stepped under a ladder, broke a mirror, and had a black cat walk in front of him, for there can be no other explanation for the run of minor misfortunes visited upon him by the fates. But with resilience borne of an outstanding naval career, and help from Superguide™ Dom, Jason banked a number of great surfs including a very special solo session.

Jonathan Milliner // Please be upstanding for the dark-horse shredder of the pack! Arguably the rippingest surfer of the bunch, Johnathan took his surfing seriously and dominated anywhere he paddled out. On the last wave on the final day, at cooking Max’s Left, our hero mashed his knee on the reef, requiring a dozen stitches to a network maze of cuts. Tequila may have been called upon as part of the first aid process.

Greg Pruett // Of the four Navy mates from San Clemente, (Gary, Jason, Jonathan and Greg) Greg’s the only one still in the service. Greg defuses bombs when on the job and catches bombs when on holiday. The above shot of him at E.R Rights – a spot we only turn to when it’s basically flat – might just be the meatiest wave we’ve seen ridden there. Greg’s got some crazy stories and is a super cool guy.

Collin Hoogenraad // The Flying Dutchman, now living in Dee Why, Sydney, Collin came to us by way of the Mentawai Islands, and compared Telo Lodge’s hospitality and service favourably to his Ments experience. Working in the field of post-disaster-assessment, Collin’s a man of the world and fluent in Bahasa. He also caught a lot of waves!

Adam Trehane // The lone Englishman! Adam sets up integrated Health Clinics in the UK, He’s a repeat guest and was perhaps the keenest surfer of all the crew. Adam loved the left, and enjoyed a solo session at the Patch with Dom.

And that’s pretty much it for TIL trip seven. Thanks for coming out guys! And before we bail, a quick public service announcement: if you’re the Instagram type, give Pegasus lodges a follow, you’ll be glad you did!