When it’s on…

The Telos turned on this trip, not falling below three feet the whole time, overhead more often than not. Before we break the record for most pics posted in a single surf report, let’s meet our surfed-out mates.

John “Fish” Taylor,
from Perth, WA. Sixth TIL trip. Fish’s motto is “If out the front or the left is working, we’re going nowhere!” Fish knows his way around a no-paddle take off when out front is solid. Has the staff in stitches with his Bahasa vocabulary and enjoyed well-deserved G&Ts of an evening.

Rob Kirkby, Perth WA. Fish’s mate and his second TIL trip. Rob’s motto is “You can’t get a wave if you don’t try” and so was always having a go even when embedded in the lip and going over the falls. Pulled a muscle on day eight but paddled out that afternoon and wrangled some of the biggest waves he had all trip.

Damian Marsden,
72, and wife Jane from California, USA. On the second instalment of their back-to-back trip. Damian is a straight-up charging old-school legend, and seriously blew us away with his late rail-grab drops at The Left, and even later entries into maxing Max’s Right. Fish and Rob nicknamed him ‘Poseidon’ and it was a sincere compliment. Jane is equally inspirational, always painting, drawing in her journal, (it is a thing to see!) and practicing yoga. Damian and Jane, you guys do this life thing amazingly well, it was a privilege to get to know you both.

In keeping with Fish’s motto, we mostly stayed put. We kicked off at The Left for the first few days, then the rest of the trip saw two solid south swell pulses that had out front on the cook, non-stop reeling sets, for six days straight. Any time we tried any of the other breaks we’d just come back and surf out front as it really was the best wave on offer. Jane was painting away while the boys put in six hour sessions, with some big siestas in between to help get back out there. An amazing trip.