We’re Having Too Much Fun! Call The Police!

This report is written byTenggara۪s first guest,2016 Stand Up Paddle Racing Women’s World Champ (and Water Woman extraordinaire)Fiona Wylde.Photos permissionEric Duran Gazquez.

Oh this is ridiculous!I۪ve never had so many empty waves in my life.

It۪s been six relentless days of swell now, and this morning as I wake up, walk through the double wide doors of my bungalow and squint my eyes, all I see are clean lines wrapping around the point.

To be honest I really wouldn۪t have minded if it was flat, but there۪s no way I۪m going to pass on these waves.

Head high sets roll in, one after another. And again, I have the lineup all to myself.

I surf for four hours, from first light straight on through breakfast. I paddle back to my bungalow to see a huge lunch being prepared. Something۪s going on.

Word is that Deputy Bupati, the Chief of Police and 20 law enforcement officers are coming out for lunch and to have a look around the lodge.

20 minutes later, we can hear engines revving in the distance. Soon the crew arrive, dressed head to toe in riding gear and covered in dirt. These lads have obviously been covering some interesting terrain.

It doesn۪t take long before we۪re all laughing and getting to know each other. We even get a few of them out on SUPs the younger guys loved watching their boss fall off! A few of the Alpha types challenge me to a race, and well, I kick their arse.

It۪s been such a blast being part of the soft opening۪ of Tenggara Point Lodge. And the place is looking the goods for the first ‘official’ guests due to arrive in a day or two.

I know what a privilege it is, in this busy world, to have empty lineups day after day. It has been a trip I۪ll never forget.

I can۪t wait to return and I haven۪t even left yet!

Here’s some pics from the visit, and a few images of a recent swell.