With clean conditions and a consistent run of small to moderate swell … if you ever needed proof that April is a sweet month for surfers of ALL experience levels to have an excellent time and surf themselves into a stupor out here at Pinnacles North Telo – well – meet our “Trip 3” guest group …

Veronica Farina (top) and Ryan Jacobs (above) // Tropical warmth is always appreciated when you call British Columbia home. Keen snorkeller Veronica got so much sun she practically photosynthesized, while Ryan constantly rehydrated with regular Bintangs. He’s a funny fella. When asked by other guests his secret taking off deeper than everyone else, his response was, “I’ve got some tryactin”. When met with puzzled looks he finished off the sentence: “Try actin’ like a man!” Line of the trip. You had to be there.

Jaclyn Van Sloten (top) and Bobby Carroll (above) // Jaclyn and Bobby are a pair of rock climbing enthusiasts who’ve only recently taken to the water. And it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our job here at PNT to see guests literally improving from session to session! Determined, fearless and lovely humans!

Brett Morgan // Witness the fitness! Sunshine Coast fella Bretty challenged one of our trial guides to run a lap of Telo Island, and smoked him. Bretty then challenged Superguide™ Billy to a paddle battle and came off second best. Brett’s birthday last Friday saw everyone get nice and loose, ahhh, not that we really needed a reason.

Jordy Dickerson // He’s got the music in him, this lad. A West Australian with the best dance moves of the trip (which is saying something) The funniest and most cheerful human ever also capable of throwing buckets of spray off each turn. Not scared of a Bintang.

Phil Smith // A man who goes by many names: Filthy Phil, Philthy Phil, Philosopher Phil. An interesting and insightful cat, dispensing nuggets of wisdom here there and everywhere. Smooth talker and even smoother on the dance floor.

David Villani // Drop Knee Dave! The way Dave’s Neal Purchase-shaped twin fin fit in with the watery slingshots of The Bubble was a thing of beauty. Dave soaked up every aspect of his time here, and is clearly a man who knows how to marinate in the joy of the here and now. The ‘responsible one’ of the crew, saving any recklessness for the reef at Le Ba.

Julia Harbaugh // Every group needs a consistent frother, and Julia – coming in hot from San Francisco and loaded with good vibes from the get-go – provided the perfect supply of stoke no matter the time of day. Julia used the ten days of surfing, epic food, stretching and warm water to fast-forward her recovery from a gnarly dislocated knee. Go you good thing! Pictured here in the slot at mindlessly perfect little Bubble.

And that’s it for a trip where the chemistry between guests was something special. A sublime session at The Bubble was probably the surfing highlight, and when it came time for goodbyes to be said, someone was definitely cutting onions in the kitchen because a tear or two were actually shed.

And also of note, a massive welcome to PNT’s new resident photographer, the amazing Aggy. Give her a follow @aggygoodegg. The equally epic Elise Thompson has scooted over to Telo Island Lodgeso keep an eye out for her work on TIL dispatches from here on.

So… to Dave, Jordy, Bretty, Phil, Ryan, Veronica, Jaclyn, Rob and Julia… seriously that was epic. Thanks for coming out! Here’s a few more random pics.

And finally, this trip’s “Feelin’ it” award is a tie between David and Julia, both showing excellent post-wave stoke. Well played all!