But first of all … hang on! What’s going on here?  Yep, it’s a photobomb from a recent Telo Island Lodge trip! This group pic touched down AFTER we’d pulled the trigger on sending the trip report out the other day, but it’s so epic we had to sneak it in here. Whether it’s TIL or PNT, it’s always the guests that make it special.

OK, now to Pinnacles, and a trip that saw everything! From small and ridiculously fun waves through to a fearsome westerly storm that saw the board games get a thorough working over, and solid clean conditions towards the trip’s end. The Telo tour’s always fun when we’ve got kids on board, and we explored some uninhabited islands as well!
But it’s the guests, as always, that make it special. So here are some friends we’d like you to meet!

Tom & Tara Addison // Epic couple from South Florida. A cameraman by trade, Tommy – a returning guest – slayed on his 7ft mal. May the 4th (be with you) saw Tommy’s birthday AND his and Tara’s wedding anniversary. A cake for the ages was called for, and the PNT kitchen delivered the goods.

Chuck Tinlin // Returning Guest. The Judge. Recently retired. Congratulations Sir! An avid reader, he’d be rarely without his kindle in his hand. Chuck had a special affinity with Kindies. A pleasure and a privilege to have Chuck onsite.

Kramer Upchurch // Another human that’s good to be around: softly spoken and wise. Kramer was at his best out at Pinnacles, surprising everyone with his air drops. No doubt being a pilot by profession helped him negotiate the aerodynamics.

Jan Sirchuk // He’s back, baby! After spending a few weeks exploring Nias. Jan has returned to the Telos. We hope he writes a memoir about his life one day. This man has some stories to tell. Smooth style, loved hyping fellow guests up.

Leddy Renwick, Charles, Ainsley & Bodie Dunlop // A special family from Kauai nearing the end of a four-month immersion in Indonesia. Leddy enrolled in our coaching package and was a dream to coach – very receptive to feedback and her surfing came along in leaps and bounds. Charlie’s a physicist and a fine surfer indeed who was on the best waves the minute he paddled out. Little tackers Ainsley and Bodie, are super bright, delightful kids!

Dave & Ashley Guerrero // Also from Kauai, where they run a childcare centre. Dave’s fearsome bottom turn set up a dominant wave attack, and Ashley – who hasn’t surfed in over a decade – re-activated out at Kindies on a longboard and surprised us all.

Nick Dangi // Enjoyed the downtime away from his Pacific Gardens company, tending to Indian Ocean delights instead. Enjoyed a Beng Beng after marathon sessions at Kindies, and was always the last back to the boat at Pinnacles.

Jefferson Cox // While many of us have our phones and devices seemingly surgically attached to our hands, Jefferson remains admirably free of such dependence. King of Jenga and card games, (but can only get better at origami) Jeff always sat deepest at Pinnacles, and loved a late drop.

Spectacular trip, spectacular company, what a pleasure it was. ‘Til next time! x