We’ve been a bit quiet on the trip report front lately. Your correspondent’s mum passed away a few weeks back, and putting this report together is your scribe’s first tentative entry back into the world of ‘work’.

What better way to get back on the horse than to share the story of TIL Trip 16, where a contingent of (mainly) West Australians from the vicinity of Mandurah (south of Perth) came to the lodge and – together with Justine from Victoria, Megan from the States, and Chris from Hawaii – had a most excellent time.

There wasn’t a great deal of swell on offer, but we managed to tick Max’s Left, Max’s Right, Schoolyards, Kindies, J-Rods and GTs off the list, and a respectable dent was put in our Bintang supply. Let’s say g’day to…

Nathan Lawler // in the words of Saffir SuperGuide™ Dom – employing some Aussie slang – Nath’s “Built like a brick shithouse” – which is to say he’s very solidly built. Based in Mandurah, Nath works as an offshore electrician, he’s a mellow fella and gave it a good crack wherever we surfed, shining in particular at Le-Ba and Schoolyards.

Andy Bales // Another Mandurah family man who commutes to work over the horizon, Andy’s got a penchant for solid, wrapping turns and lots of rail in the water. Andy patiently waited for the gems, picking off quality sets at Max’s Left and Max’s Right, and decoded the sometimes-challenging puzzle that can be J-Rods.

Brad Mercer // Doesn’t mind a tuberide, or a layback carve, this fella. Another 40-year old Mandurah Marauder. Softly spoken real estate agent gentleman on land, ultra-focussed wave hunting assassin in the water, always smiling and positive.

Simon Hurrey // British transplant living in Perth. Along with his brother, Simon owns the Perth Wake Park, a great facility for wakeboarders of all skill levels. The lone goofy foot in the squad, Simon attacked Le-Ba and Max’s Right on his backhand, but loved how Max’s Left let him put his magic Sharp Eye shooter through its paces.

Andrew “Bangers” Simpson //  A compact, super-fit pocket rocket. Ex-navy fella Bangers now works in corrective services and absolutely rips. He always seemed to be in the right spot for the waves, either out the back or cleaning up on the inside. Bangers was also intrigued by a new species of dinosaur we came across on our adventures, the fearsome Tranosorus Rex.

Megan Halavias // Megan hails from San Fransisco, is a Retreat Leader / Surf Instructor for “Surf with Amigas”, an amazing surf and yoga retreat for women. Megan’s a member of the Shark Attack Survivors’ Club, having been hit by a solid Great White as a teenager almost 20 years ago. Perhaps that encounter helped form her attitude to life, which is to charge, have fun, don’t hold back, and laugh lots! Megan absolutely shreds, by the way.

Justine Jane // Based in Victoria, Australia, Justine owns and runs “Mojo” – a successful event catering business. Here to catch up with her bestie Megan, Justine was happy to enjoy the resort and hang on boat, recovering from leg injury. Justine enjoyed the odd evening cocktail, and bantering with everyone.

Chris Burniske // This was Chris’s third consecutive week with us. His solo session at Dislocators with Dom, trading barrel for barrel, was one for the books. Ironically, after surviving Dislocators, Chris scratched himself up at Le-Ba, and cruised in neutral for the last few days of his epic month-long sojourn, taking many memories back to Hawaii. Onya Chris, you’re a legend mate.

All up, a great trip with lots of laughs and waves and beers. Seriously, what else do we need? Thanks for coming out crew! Here’s a few more pics to see us out…