The Magnificent Seven … and Aviv!

The season of stoke is in full swing here at Pinnacles North Telo with yet another eight-pack of totally surfed out mates winging their way home – Robin and Aviv to Capetown, David to Bali, and Alon, Micah, Dan, Danny, and Marc (the organiser) back to Bondi.

These fellas are return Pegasus guests (who’ve experienced incredible waves at Telo Island Lodge in the past), and do a mates’ trip every two years. They’re a tight knit bunch who work in the insurance/finance/development sector, and there weren’t too many missions on the mighty 600HP Pegasus One that didn’t see ‘em all onboard and psyching for waves – with Aviv being the focus of attention more often than not, calling the shots, winding everyone up, and being the target of good-natured put downs. Every group needs an Aviv to liven things up.

So, The Magnificent Seven (and Aviv) lived up to their name by surfing seven different breaks in their first seven different outings: ER Lefts and Max’s Left on day one; The Bubble, Pinnacles and Kindys on day two: Schoolyards and Le Ba on the morning of day three. From there, the lads rotated through the salty smorgasbord of options, with standout sessions at The Left, Schoolyards and Kindies (including a relentless 20 wave set that did its best to push Aviv and Alon into the jungle). And when Max’s Right was added to the list, on day seven, the lads had wet their rails at a great variety of waves.

The swell hovered mostly in the head high range, with a few well-overhead exceptions at exposed locations. Atmospheric conditions were in classic constant Indo flux, Stormy and overcast one moment, clear blue skies the next. Early morning starts were the rule and this group absolutely picked the best out of what was on offer.

Before we get to the shots and clip (Taken by Andrew ‘Shooter’ Shield)… few quick shout outs:

The Comeback: Robin’s return to surfing from injury was stirring stuff.
The Cruiser: Micah the mellow, a pleasure to meet you mate!
The Organiser: Thanks Marc for pulling it all together.
The Ambassador: Alon, a true gentleman!
The Hunter: David’s lineup positioning was pure Gold.
The Magnet: Dan got so many good shots!
The Quiet Assassin: Danny quietly got his share.
The Showman: Aviv! Born for the spotlight Baby!

It was great to take you fellas surfing! Let’s do it again!