A special season draws to an end!

So… one last hurrah before we draw the curtain down on our Telo adventures for a few months. And there’s no better way to wind down a spectacular season than with a bunch of absolute champions coming to visit.

As happens this time of year, we had some cloudy days, and a touch of rain, but clean conditions for the most part, and the Indian Ocean swell generator didn’t miss a beat! Let’s met the crew!

Alex Eby. It’s hard to believe Alex is a newcomer to surf travel. The teacher from San Fran became the star pupil in the classroom of new lineups. Perhaps the happiest individual on earth who made huge, daily improvements in his surfing.

Austin Sherwood. Not a fan of crowds in the lineup, this was Austin’s first trip in two decades! He calmly  went about making up for lost time. Our lad Austin loves his Andreini custom shooters, which he surfed with extremely pleasing style.

Gary G. Pegasus sales guy. If you’re gonna book a trip to Pinnacles or Telo Lodge, he’ll be the friendly human you’ll most likely be chatting with. Returning to re-ignite the love affair with Max’s Left, a wave that may have brought him into the Pegasus fold in the first place. Goes alright on his backhand too!

The Honeymooners. Patrick Nisbitt and Ohia MacDougall from LA. Patrick worked closely with superguides Wobby and Dingo on technique, which counted for very little when Ohia saw a wave she wanted for herself. As they say, happy wife, happy life! Seeing as it’s a special occasion for the newlyweds, here’s a few more pics of ’em!

Michael Jordan (MJ) …  one of a five-strong delegation from New Jersey. A gentleman who throws a long board around like a short board with ease and commanding style. A well-travelled soul, and excellent company in the lineup and on land. This board – adorned by MJ’s cousin Drew Brophy, a noted artist – is a particular favorite of MJ’s and he keeps it here at Pinnacles, ready to go.

Bob Nugent. Proving that age is an attitude. Still charging at 72. It’s ridiculous. A man in his sixth decade of international surf seeking. Incidentally, Bob met MJ and Gary G back in the day, on a surf adventure to West Papua. Reminiscing one night in the Pinnacles bar, Bob reckoned that Papua trip was his best trip ever, but perhaps this is the new favorite, after all, there’s nothing better than surfing with your son. Bob owns a bunch of restaurants on the Jersey shore. Legend. There’s no other word for it!

Dane Nugent. Bob’s absolute ripper son! Extremely versatile and skilful surfer: airs, tubes, all sorts of turns out of the lip. With such an inspirational role model in his old boy Bob, it’s hardly surprising Dane’s a stellar human as well as a surfer.

Steven Dipietro. Dane’s best pal since they were in diapers. Another absolute ripper. Steve-o’s done a bit of guiding for Pinnacles, so you know he’s a good egg, (as only excellent humans get the guiding gig here at Pegasus.)

… Aaaaand that’s all she wrote!
Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys. To finish off, we thought we’d pass on a bit of feedback from one of the guests about an under-reported aspect of Pinnacles – the incredible dining! So to Jefferson and the Kitchen team – you guys and gals rule!  Here’s Alex’s feedback.

“I believe the whole kitchen staff did an incredible job. Great variety of meals. Not simple combinations. 3 times a day for 10 days. No repeats. (Except burritos- which hit the spot). Beautiful presentation. They all, always had smiles and seemed to take pride in their work and have some fun doing it. I’m sure logistics for the kitchen are a challenge but we never felt it. The last dinner with all of the “traditional” foods was outstanding. Tons of work went into all that they did… and they didn’t even flinch when we asked for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of their thoughtful creations. Top notch!”

So good! Here’s a few more pics from the trip to see us out. We’ll touch down in your inbox again in a few weeks with some news and announcements about 2023, stay tuned, but until then, thanks for reading, and we’d LOVE to go surfing with you in 2023. Stay safe and happy everyone!