Did you enjoy your Christmas day? The extended family crammed around the table as feuds and tensions between siblings and cousins threatened to erupt? The intelligence-insulting jokes inserted in crapulous Christmas crackers? The pressure over presents? The Boxing Day traffic?

Here’s a bunch of smart cookies who had a better Chrissy than most of us – they had Telo Island Lodge (and all the breaks in the area) to themselves.

Let’s meet’ em

Yannik Kerdraon:
Return guest, lives in Singapore, brought his son Felix over from Paris for a fortnight of catching up, surfing together, and enjoying the odd Long Island Iced Tea.

Speaking of which, Felix easily won most improved surfer of the trip – waves are a bit hard to come by in ol’ Paris. It was so great to see surfing really get under Felix’s skin.

Marc-Oliver Spencer: Marc’s from Canada and can’t get enough of Telo Lodge. He brought his daughter Sophia over for some watery bonding time – snorkelling and surfing together is the stuff memories are made of.

Jarrod Schutz is an oyster farmer from the Eyre Peninsula in South Oz and came over with wife Suci. They share a love for fishing and surfing and having as much fun as possible together! Suci hails from Bali so is no stranger to Indo – obviously – but this was her first time in the Telos.

London couple James “Rudolf” and Sarah “Charger” Afshar are another frothing couple of surf maniacs. The hours James put in earnt him a sunburnt beak every day (hence the Christmas-themed nickname) and Sarah just went hard on everything that came her way with no hesitation.

The trip commenced with fun Max’s Left. Christmas Day was spent surfing Max’s Right and The Bubble turned on as well. Snorkelling, fishing and feasting were the orders of the day. It really was a happy Christmas.

Love to see you out here – get on over for the early season and enjoy quiet lineups with just us out!