There’s a few outdated and just plain silly stereotypes that still linger a little in surfing: the notion that “girls don’t / can’t surf” being the most outrageously false. Another misleading trope is that surfers, from an intelligence point of view are “not the sharpest knives in the drawer”.

If anyone holds the opinion that surfing and brilliant minds are incompatible, they should have sat around the Pinnacles dinner table recently, where every guest was an esteemed leader in their respective professions, and the conversations soared.

Let’s meet our brilliant crew. But first a shout out to SuperGuide™ Billy and guide in training Fraser…

Dinesh Lathi // This Harvard graduate was younger of the two brothers on their first trip together to Indonesia. Dinesh found his true love at Pinnacles, dominating the main peak and getting more and more comfortable with every session. Onya Dinesh!

Doug Stotland // Back in Santa Cruz, Doug’s a gun at building and growing high-performance teams, and thrives in the space of hard-to-read opportunities… All of which made the positioning chess-match out at pumping Pinnacles (and the odd set on the head) a great test of his mettle. Didn’t mind a late drop at the Left.

Satish LathiDon Campbell // A mate of Doug’s, also based out of Santa Cruz. Keen mountain biker, family man with two epic daughters. Don’s a Jedi-Master of finding, funding and growing startups. Super intelligent and an absolutely splendid human!. Improved massively throughout the trip.

Yen Lee // Attentive readers will remember Yen from the last Telo Lodge report, well with 20 days of Telo waves under his belt, the apprentice has become the Zen Master. Yen, a tech guru based out of Palo Alto, California does things his own way: an elite level swimmer, he loved to backstroke his way to the top of the lineup.

Amber Thibaut // Seeing out the last ten days of their month-long Pinnacles stay, Amber, along with husband Chris and lads Taj and Kai, continued to blaze smooth tracks at every break she graced.

Chris Thibaut // Just belting the lip! Dude rips.

And that’s it for our esteemed guests. Thanks for coming out gentlemen!