Sorry for the delay in Telo Lodge transmissions gang. Indo’s holy month of Ramadan tends to put the brakes on things like telecommunications… So this report is a bit late – expect a follow up report in a day or two as well and we’ll be back on track!

OK, so as you’ll see in the pics (shot by Andrew “Shoota” Shield no less), Ramadan didn’t slow the swell machine down, and trip 15 – which saw out May and the start of June – enjoyed fun clean surf. Let’s meet our crew.

Rory “Die Kaptein” Antrobus: Fifth time back to TIL for this intrepid pilot and international man of commerce. His first session for the trip was out the front at Max’s Right – his favourite wave – and it was a beautiful reunion.

Tim “Banksy/Bubble-Boy” Banks:
Fifth trip to the Lodge too. Runs a few Maccas franchises in Oz. As the Nickname suggests, this man LOVES The Bubble. Also got right into his morning Yoga sessions.

David “Shorty” Short.
Second trip to TIL for the big fella. Shorty and Rory ran into eachother at the airport on the way in and realised they’d surfed together in the Maldives. A classic unintentional reunion!

Phillip “Phil” Nel. A Saffir smart cookie – a Biokineticist who also coaches some young hopefuls on the WQS circuit. Phil’s third trip and a sneaky highlight might have been scoring a rare but incredible wave around the corner of a nearby island with JuniorSuperGuide™ Billy.

Mad” Mike Wills: First timer from South Africa. Mike picked up lots of useful Australian slang on this trip and by the end of the trip was accorded honorary yobbo status. A goofy footer who shredded the Left and top fella.

Greg Warner: Another TIL debut for another champion bloke. Greg (who’s retired and gets his share of empty lineups back home in Stillbaa) is a Goofy footer with a super old school style. He loved the left (not many goofys don’t), and catching palm trees when fishing.

And finally Paul and James “Jimmy James” McIerney. Super mellow father and son duo both fond of Max’s Left, AFL and a quiet Bintang. Basically, two top fellas who have their priorities in life well sorted.

Surfwise, it was a classic fun Telo ten-day pattern: a clean three-to-four foot swell greeted the crew on arrival, things slowed down midway, and a solid five-to-six foot swell came on for the last third of the trip. It was a great trip with positive vibes, good laughs and many beers!

Guys, we really hope to see you back out here for your next annual surf mission! Crew like you make our job an absolute pleasure. Cheers!