No doubt you’re asking, “What the heck does Tena Barosh mean?” Now, we might not have the spelling right, but Tena Barosh is Hebrew for “Hit It On The Head!” … which was a multi-purpose motto for this trip. Basically, anything that contained an element of Stoke was Tena Barosh, and there was a LOT of Tena Barosh on this trip.

When Trip 13 started off, we all thought, “Oh no, unlucky 13”, as the Indian Ocean lay down and snoozed for a day or two, but before long, our guests’ requests for barrels were being well and truly fulfilled. When Dislocators, GTs and Sipika are on the menu, you know it’s pumping. Anyway, let’s meet our five fine frothers.

Evan Moore // A true gentlemen cast in the West Australian mold. Avid West Coast Eagles supporter. Repeat guest who’s been frothing to get back here for a decade. Loved trading waves with his best mate Matt during sessions at Max’s Left – there may even have been some drop-in action when it was just the two of them out there! Snagged some good ones at Kindies and gave Sipika a red hot crack.

Matt George // (Not to be confused with the American surf journo Matt George) … Matt’s a concreter from Perth – an extremely fit campaigner with a smooth style and a deadly sense of humour that kept everyone in stitches. Matt took on solid Max’s Right until he copped a beast on the head, which returned him to his favourite spot at camp, lazing on hammock with his book. Matt’s also a big Eagles fan, which made for animated chinwags about Aussie Rules football with Evan and epic Aussie photog Hayden.

Sebastian Walther // Mellow Frenchman and avid coffee lover. Fluent in Bahasa (due to his work as an importer of Indo decking timber) and fluid on a wave face, Seb had some highlight surfs at Max’s Left, carving and belting lips. Enjoyed Max’s Right out front, as well as the glassy peeling walls of Sipika. Rather than head home at trip’s end, Seb simply jammed over to our sister lodge, Pinnacles North Telo, for more waves, and more coffee.

Yoad Yehudain // Plastic surgeon and super nice fella from Israel who hadn’t surfed in a year, but absolutely charged, snagging best barrel of the trip at dredging Dislocators. A reef inspection and few scratches didn’t put him off from charging hollow GTs, Max’s Right, flawless Sipika and a super-fun session at the Patch. Yoad’s about to lock into a six-year internship, where surfing opportunities might be limited, so we hope those barrels remain etched in your mind bru! Tena Barosh!

Liam Yehudain // Yoad’s younger brother, a DJ living the dream in Bali who charged with smooth style, successfully seeking barrels (Dislocators, GTs, Patch) and smashing lips to pieces (Max’s Right and Left). Liam plays a mean game of Backgammon, and SuperGuide™ Dom, vows, “I’ll get you next time, Bru!”

And that was that. Five good men, some very good waves, more than a few barrels, a LOT of charging and good times. Evan, Matt, Seb, Yoad, Liam, it was a pleasure and a privilege hosting you. Tena Barosh indeed! Here’s a few more pics to see us out. Thanks for reading everyone!