Our most recent guest group has been dominated – in a nice way – by a happy foursome from Switzerland: Chris, Urban, Steve and Marcel.

These guys only get to surf a few times a year, and so were committed to squeezing every last drop of goodness out of every waking second at Pinnacles on Telo. They trained in earnest before their trip, hitting the gym, paddling drills in lakes, etc.

The Swiss army were ably backed up by reinforcements Stu and Jeannie from New Jersey, and Alex from Portugal, who couldn’t bring himself to leave at the end of the last Pinnacles trip.

Talk about getting the most out of this trip! EVERY single dawn and EVERY single dusk saw us out in the water. ‘Sargeant’ Chris made sure the squad were assembled and ready to go in the cool pre-dawn light, and the days would be filled with waves at Schoolies, Kindies, The E.R, Max’s Left and our backyard break Pinnacles.

And by the time the stars and moon came out to play, we’d be back home in the infinity pool, wearing sun-glazed smiles with beverages in hand.

A few awards.

The AMP award goes to Chris, for getting everyone moving every morning.

The RU OK award goes to Urban, who finished every sentence with “OK”.

The MELLOW CHARGER award goes to Steve-O, who hadn’t surfed for two years prior to the trip, but absolutely charged regardless!

The SPECIAL DELIVERY award goes to Marcel, who earned the nickname ‘Milkman’ because he always delivered an interesting ride.

The CHILLMASTERS award goes to Stu and Jeannie, super mellow and super nice to be around.

The CUNNING LINGUIST award goes to Alex, for his mastery of five languages.

We had many great surfs, but possibly the most memorable was had at the E.R. We arrived in the dark and surfed right as the sun was coming up. It was overhead, sheet glass and perfect with nobody out. After a few hours a storm came through and we were surfing in the pelting rain, howling and hooting at the top of our lungs. It was a session no-one will soon forget.

Come to think of it, we don’t think our guests will be forgetting this whole trip in a hurry.