With Matt Wilkinson and Adam Bennetts
October 5 – 15

It’s with a lot of stoke we announce Matt Wilkinson (champion professional surfer, champion fella) and Adam Bennetts (arguably the best foil surfer in the world, also excellent human) are hosting an epic Surf/Foil Retreat at Pinnacles North Telo, October 5th – 15th

Ten days of unlimited surf & foil coaching on your own private island, with uncrowded, world-class waves during Indonesia’s shoulder season!

First up, let’s meet your hosts!

Adam Bennetts // Adam was recently voted ‘Best Surf Foiler in the World’ (Tonic Mag). An early adopter of the fast growing sport, his love of new tech and amazing wave riding abilities combine to push the sport to new heights (and speeds). Adam’s biggest stoke is seeing people get the foil “bug” and join this exciting journey.

Matt Wilkinson // Matty competed in the best waves on the planet for over 20 years, and with the help of his coaches has spent more than 12 months as World Number One (2016 & 2017), won three Championship tour events, and taken down World Champion Surfers in the every kind of surf conditions. From this, he’s got all of the skills to be able to help you to achieve your potential and overcome fears by improving your technical surfing, wave knowledge and technique. His passion for both surfing & entertaining make him the ideal host, who will ensure that you’re enjoying your experience every step of the way.

Here’s how it’ll go.

A chartered flight will pick you up from Padang Airport and you’ll be in the water later that day, where pro-photography/videography will help you to improve your skills, and share your progress & memories with friends.

While stoke and good times are the name of the game, personal improvement in skillset and technique is the goal. Matt and Adam will bring all of their expertise to identify areas for improvement, better understanding of equipment & setup, and work with you in the lineup daily, on technique, positioning, and basically extracting the most out of your surfing life.

Guests can customize how much they focus on ‘surf’ and/or ‘foil’, but this 10-day experience is most valuable for those who enjoy, and would like to improve at, both pursuits.

When not in or on the ocean, guests will enjoy the next-level comfort Pinnacles North Telo is renowned for – luxury beachfront digs, yoga, massage therapy and excellent cuisine, plus the nightly bonfires and an optional scooter tour of the local community.

And on return home, you’ll receive your photos, clips, and trip edits, and will have access to discounts from select board shapers and foil brands so that you can continue your journey of development in the waves.

And to see us out, here’s a few visual reminders of the place!