As August morphed into September, the surf in Indo remained – hmmmm, how do we put this kindly – variableWhile we’ve had our moments, it certainly wasn’t a stellar mid-to-late season across the archipelago.

Despite the challenges of ornery conditions, we worked hard to find our six stellar guests – an awesome mini United Nations of Saffirs, Seppos, Brazillians and Aussies – the waves they were hungry for and the good times they deserved. Let’s say g’day to…

Andrew Van Wyk // Andy may not be a fan of the super-early start to the day, but when he paddles into his first lefthander of the morning, all sleepiness evaporates by the time he comes hauling off the bottom and into the lip. Andy owns a successful transport company back in Cape Town, South Africa. His real passion – other than burying a tonne of rail on his own turns – is supporting and documenting the professional surfing career of his lad Luke.

Luke Van Wuk // Professional surfer from Cape Town, a goofy footer just like his old boy, sponsored by Vissla, travels worldwide in pursuit of waves. Check out Luke’s insta (luke_vanwyk) and admire a surfer we’d all love to perform half as well as. Shades of the great Owen Wright in his backhand stance and projection. Great young fella chasing his dreams.

Erick Proost // Brazilian cinematographer who trains his lens on Luke. Erick’s all about energy, laughter, a love for surfing, and finding joy in the simple things. It shows in his work. He’s no slouch on a surfboard himself either, throwing hooks and gaffs with the best of them.

Denny St. Amand // A seasoned fisherman from Rhode Island, USA, and a fella whose simple presence on the boat or in the lineup elevates the mood, such is his easy going nature. Denny’s lightness of spirit belies his hardy seafarer’s existence – (no shortage of battle scars, such as a few severed fingers). Denny’s is a life well lived, with more adventures to come.

Richard Aufenger // There’s few humans we have more respect for than a surfer like Richard. He’s 68 (!) and still laying into turns on his shortboard. A retired lawyer, Rich is proof that our surfing lives can be extended well into our senior years if we stay committed to our health and well being, and put the work in. A well-maintained chassis means Rich can roam the planet, surf, explore, and fully enjoy the fruits of his labours.

Jason Hogg // Talk about saving the best for last. Hoggy’s a Telo Lodge boomerang – an ever returning guest – and one of our all-time favourites at that. We love Hoggy ’cos he’s the funniest bloke you could meet, a top fella, and he loves surfing with a true, pure passion. We’d all do well to be a little bit more like Hoggy.

And that’s it for trip 17. Not exactly one for the books surf and weather wise, but do us a quick favour, go back and look at the group shot at the top of this dispatch: zoom in on the smiles, there’s no better illustration of the fact that even when the surf’s less than epic, we still have the best time here at Telo Island Lodge.