We’re in the tropics, right? There’s palmtree-lined beaches, right? It’s all blue sky and tradewinds, right?

Well, what’s this bloody thunderstorm all about then?

Yep, we get some weather here sometimes, but that’s cool, it makes for epic atmospherics, the storms blow through faster than a GTs takeoff, and normal tropical transmission returns before you know it.

We had five fine guests stoke us with their company the other week.

We surfed, we sheltered, we had a delightful time, we surfed some more.

Say g’day to …

Eliza Kerr // Astute readers will remember this charger from our last dispatch. A rock climber and Ayurvedic practitioner from Yosemite National Park, Eliza wrote a song about the Telos. Chorus lyrics are:

“I see my wave come peeling in
Drop in and take it down the line
cut on back and do it all again
telos waves are so fine

Max’s right and left and Pinnacles,
The Patch, Le-Ba and Bubble too
Big Sipika, Kindies and School Yards
tried GT’s just to be cool”

(And if you’d like to hear Eliza, click here!)

Solomon Atherton // Big fella with a big, creative heart. An accomplished photographer, a keen snowboarder, a well-travelled, er, traveller. Sol surfed with an affinity for the power pocket, and plugged himself into the source.

Tim Ambler // Tim’s one of those blokes with a passion for life. In his 60s and the fittest fella around, this return guest took on well-overhead waves at GTs and Max’s Right on his SUP, which is no small commitment. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this motorcycle enthusiast has completed a few Sydney to Hobart yacht races too. (Told you he has a passion for life)

Oliver Renz // Hands down, the shredder of the trip. (that’s a real nice snap in the photo eh?) Sydney-based Oliver, who’s a gun in the airline game, put Le Ba and Max’s Right over his knee and delivered them a sound spanking. Gave one of his shooters to a local grommet, who’s stoke was beyond words.

Warwick Beale // Supremely warm spirited Brisbane lad, a man of many successful ventures, with a leaning to the agrarian. Warwick’s a lifelong sailor, and called upon that mariner’s resilience and perspective upon dislocating his shoulder. Despite having his surfing compromised, our man enjoyed exploring the island and relaxing at the lodge, retaining his sense of humor and good spirits. Legend.

There were storms and swells, and we appreciated both in equal measure. That’s the magic of being out here. And to you Warwick, Eliza, Sol, Olly and Tim, a sincere thank you for the pleasure of your company! Here’s a few more pics – taken by the supremely skilled Elise Thompson – to see us out.