Good bunch of travellers made themselves at home at Telo Lodge just now. Say hello to:

Dr Amy “Billy’s Mum” Weich – Goofy footed surf mum from Hawaii, loved surfing Max’s Left and taking a swing at the sets. A hip flexor issue was never a problem out in the water, but strangely proved challenging at the dinner table. (Jagermeister, we’re assured, was not the cause of her incapacity.)

Matt “Billys Dad” Gebhard – Natural footer who loved Pinnacles. Super easy going and enjoyed proudly watching Amy school the rest of the pack. Took out the Longboard Bintang classic with a super stylish hands-behind-the-back-ride. not afraid of a breakfast Binnie either.

Ben “Bentang” Porterfield – Red hot goofy footer with a deadly drop-wallet on lock. Enjoyed surfing Max’s Left, and scored J Rods pumping. Loves travelling with girlfriend Fran and, of course, drinking Bentangs.

Francis “Fran” Porterfield. Fran battled a bit of a cold thru the trip but gave it all a red hot crack. Loved getting her backhand dialled at The Left. Always with a smile on her face. Yeah Fran!

Guy “Bru” Mottram – The South African natural footer got a taste of Max’s Right and we don’t think we saw him on land until it was dark. Deadly forehand carve and even deadlier party tricks. Loved exploring the island.

Lionel “The Godfather” Haili – Hawaiian powerhouse who took off super deep on the biggest sets. Loves fishing and would probably rather live on a boat then anywhere else. Super mellow and easygoing, and always made everyone laugh.

Andrew Coutts – Hawaiian wave magnet (most Hawaiians seem to be, what’s with that?)… was stoked to be hitting lips on his backhand at the left. Favourite wave was Pinnacles. Loved socializing with everyone and cruising with long time mate Lionel.

Matt “Kiwi” Barnfield – super nice fella whose backhand hooks at The Left got heftier and heftier as the trip went on. Some spray might still be coming down as we speak.

Surfwise, this season’s trademark southerlies have kept true to form, which meant The Left was largely our go-to. Two pulses of 3-5 ft surf that lasted 2-3 days each kept our wave count high and shoulders nice and weary. Overall it was a really great trip with everyone always in high spirits and frothing! Thanks for coming, hope to see you guys sooner than soon!