G’day! Just thought we’d sling out a little blast from a Monkeys trip a few weeks back.

Now, you might be wondering about the title of this report… Well, “Riding the bumps with a grin” is a line from the Hawthorn Footy Club’s theme song.

All of which is a way of introducing Ben Stratton – Hawks defensive powerhouse with a penchant for swallowtail twin keel fish, who came to Monkeys for a bit of off-season R&R with partner Laura Griffin.

And, well, “Riding the bumps with a grin” – there were lots of smooth Indian Ocean bumps ridden with many grins on faces.

Laura and Ben were joined by Neal Webster – a chocolatier from West Oz who coincidentally hails from Yallingup, where Ben grew up!

The crew scored fun waves at a variety of spots, most notably Monkeys, Bojos and the Beachies.

Actually, Neal has a far better way with words than your humble Monkeys hosts, so we’ll hand the keyboard over to him.

“Thank You Monkeys! Had a vitally restorative and awesomely fun break with you. Left the ‘real world’ behind for 13 days. Mind relaxed, body recovered and spirit revived. Mark, Lou and the kids were the best hosts, genuine and welcoming.

“Mark’s local knowledge meant we surfed every day, without crowds, and never more than a two-Bintang speedboat trip from the resort.

“Shaun was the consummate surf guide and coach, very generous with his time and energy, always encouraging and insightful. Putting the guests first, looking after us, and just a warm and entertaining presence around the resort. ‘Good People’ is the right term.

“Ben and Laura thanks for the companionship around the dinner table, the music and laughs, someone to surf with (Solo sessions (with a boat driver watching over you) were great but it’s nice to have someone else out there too) and share the experience with.

“I feel better in myself for my time with you all. I would recommend Monkeys to anyone who needs a getaway with super fun waves, no crowds, awesome weather, no mozzies, great room, great food and a wonderful bunch of people looking after you.

“Thank you all! Hope to be back soon.”