Another Pinnacles on Telo trip has just concluded and we’re basking in the afterglow and reflecting on ten brilliant days of waves, friendship, good times and the odd prize fish landed.

Leading the fun-brigade from the front was Kirra, six-year-old daughter of Steve (barrel charger and master fisherman) and Marie (who’s fishing effort eclipsed husband Steve).

Kirra was the star of the trip, keeping guests and staff constantly amused and laughing, with her endless energy and happy vibe. (You’re a credit to your parents Kirra… Please come back and see us soon!?)

This frothing Sydney family were joined by Pippa from Perth and Madeline from Bronte in Sydney, two very keen and skilled boardriding buddies. It was such a pleasure to share the lineup with these two champions who surf with froth, stoke and grace.

The trip started off with a bang, with excellent swell, light winds and clear sunny skies. The Bubble, Schoolyards and Max’s Left put out the welcome mat for our guests and as a bonus most of our sessions were enjoyed with very few – if any – others out in the lineup.

Looking back on the trip though, the most memorable sessions were held when the swell backed off and the E.R swell magnet kicked into life. E.R Rights turned on for our small crew of surfers and everyone pulled in to some quality tubes.

And just when we thought the trip couldn’t get better, Maria landed a huge, beautiful sailfish. We honoured this majestic creature by putting on a barbecue feast – not just for Pinnacles on Telo guests and staff – but we also invited the crew from Telo Island Lodge around to share and appreciate this incredible fish.

(And as a supporting act, we landed a wahoo a little later, and enjoyed sashimi for days.)

Steve, Maria, Kirra, Pippa and Madeline, thanks so much for coming out to see us! Thanks for the laughs, the good vibes and the great times.

Cheers from your friends at Pinnacles on Telo. x