It’s happening! Superguides Wobby and Dingo and crew are already back in residence, refurbishments of lodges and boats are practically done, and as for the Indian Ocean swell machine – well it never really shut down over the “quiet season” – but that’s another story.

OK. So here’s how the ’23 season is shaping up for Pinnacles North Telo (PNT) and Telo Island Lodge (TIL).

Firstly, the mighty Pinnacles is booked solid through to mid August,  but there are a few vacancies available June 30 to July 7, and July 17 to 27. If you’re able to jump on this opportunity, you want to email Gary here asap for details. These will go quickly, so don’t delay.

Pinnacles availability does open up through the last half of August, through September and October, so feel free to hit Gary up about that glorious back end of the season.

And in the Best News Ever – after being closed down through the Pandemic, and undergoing an awful lot of Tender Loving Care, our beloved Telo Island Lodge is coming back online, with the first ice cold Bintang due to be cracked by a surfed-out guest on April 2!

There’s guest slots open for the legendary Telo Island Lodge from June through to mid August, and then from late September onwards. Best thing to do is hit up you-know-who, Pegasus’s mighty sales fella Gary (or ‘Gaz’ as he’s called by his Oz mates) for details around a Telo Lodge booking for ’23.

And finally, if your windows of opportunity don’t align with the available dates above, but you really want to come over, get in touch anyway, we’re booked solid, but sometimes there’s an extra spot available. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Yours in stoke and adventure,
The crew at Pegasus.