Turning 60 is a solid landmark in anyone’s life, particularly for a surfer. You can’t surf at 60 and beyond without a having maintained a level of commitment – putting the work in, so you can still do this thing that gives you joy. Many surfers give it away before reaching that age, for reasons of fitness, mobility, or flexibility.

Celebrating your 60th with a surf trip is a quiet triumph for all: you, your mates, your family – and even other guests who’ve never met you until coming to Pinnacles. And it’s our privilege to host such an occasion.

Let’s meet our fine visitors.

Andrew Svikulis // Andy turned 60 the week before coming out, and though there were no balloons or streamers, this trip was a low-key celebration of the milestone. Dad to Kyle and Stepdad to Joel, who both came out with their old boy, Andy was on the mend from hip surgery, and was selective and patient in the lineup, picking the wider sets wherever we surfed, and rode through a bit of discomfort. Fortunately we carry a ready supply of medicinal / anaesthetic Bintang onboard, to soothe those aches and pains on our post-surf sunset cruises home. Andy’s approach on his GASH shooter – particularly his backhand swoops – was a sight to behold.

Kyle Svikulis // Andy’s son Kyle works in the aircon game and is a suitably cool fella (see what we did there?) Kyle’s only been surfing for a really short time, and grew massively in confidence, scoring the best waves of his life on his beautiful purple longboard at Le-Ba and The Bubble. With some occasional push-in propulsion from Stuey and the guides, Kyle’s stoke was contagious.

Joel Walker // Another mellow Melbourne fella. Andy’s stepson Joel snapped his leash at Le Ba, where Superguide™ Skye swam in and retrieved it, (having to trade a Beng Beng choccy bar for it to be handed back by some enterprising local boys). Unfortunately, the reef mangled a side fin box, forcing Joel to surf his shooter as a single fin. This change to the configuration only made his pleasing style more apparent.

Jason Keilar // Return guest Jase came on his own, but the Northern New South Welshman quickly became best mates with all. With his distinctive Quikky fin set-up, Jase tore the bag, throwing buckets in the gnarliest sections, making Pinnacles look like a slab with critical section hooks. Smart engineer-type fella, and last one standing of an evening with his neat tequilas and ice.

Colin McFadzean // Melbourne lad Col, sixty-plus, not that you’d know it, who charged, snapping his best shooter first surf! Col’s last session at A-frames – where he impressed everyone by taking off super deep and doggy-dooring a number of barrels – will go down in the books. Col may be a man of action, but he knows how to chill, and enjoyed poolside naps, soaking up the rays. How good are naps!

Stuart Dahlenburg // Hailing from the Surf Coast, Torquay, Australia. I.T guru Stuey is the glass-half-full kind of fella you want on a surf trip. When a tropical storm kept us from heading out on the boat, Stuey simply grabbed a shooter and took to the shorebreak out front of the resort, inspiring the local staff to grab whatever board they could find, turning the moment into a fun expression session. Stuey ripped every break we surfed, (like, really ripped, pulling legit aerials all the bloody time, etc)

Craig Mcnicol // Strong, fit Melbourne fella who’s won a few bodybuilding titles in Oz and works in landscaping. Another member of the 60-plus club, Craig hoovered up any unridden waves on the inside, a tactic that upped his wave count but introduced him to the reef at Dislocators on the second last day. Keen fisherman who’d have a line in the water any time he wasn’t surfing.

As you might be able to tell from the pics, constant peak-season swell saw us pick and choose sessions for maximum stoke and minimum crowds. It was an epic ten days, and nothing less than what our guests deserved. Thanks for coming out gents! Here’s a BUNCH more of Elise’s excellent pics of a most excellent trip.

Before we get to the pics, just a note about photographer Elise, who shoots the amazing images you see here. Elise was recently shooting at Max’s Right when she bravely swam into the reef to retrieve a guest’s stray board. (If you’ve surfed Max’s Right, you’ll know that reef is gnarly) … No good deed goes unpunished, as they say, and Elise lost her camera and water housing to the maelstrom. She’s started up a Go Fund Me page, to replace the tools of her craft, so if you’d care to tip a few bucks in to get her making magic again, that’d be amazing. —> https://www.gofundme.com/f/8kxhv-the-love-of-my-life?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer