We’re right in the midst of the Indo swell season and the Telo Island Lodge good vibes factory keeps pumping at high revs.This was another small guest group with only five legends joining us. They flew into a swell, and left on a swell, so it’s fair to say we crammed a whole lot of surfing and good times into the trip. With no further ado, let’s meet our champions.

Dean Hall // AKA Papa Smurf – this Gold Coast alpha legend with an earth-moving company showed us what growing up on the Goldy does for your surfing, as he absolutely blasted the plentiful uncrowded waves we tapped into on this trip. Dean’s Gold-Coast-honed affinity with barrels came to the fore at a memorable session at GT’s.

Yen Lee // Yen calls himself an absolute rookie but we’re not so sure, as under SuperGuide™ Dom’s tutelage out at bite-sized Max’s Left, Yen fast-tracked from beginner to intermediate in warp-speed time. With the focus and physique of a Cyborg, this IT specialist from Silicon Valley took out the ‘Most Improved Surfer’ award, (possibly of the year).

Cody Linger // AKA Maverick – Cody’s living proof that if you have a lot of energy, a fearless attitude, and are open to feedback from surf guides, your surfing can improve out of sight in a short space of time. A nurse from Tasmania, Cody threw himself at whatever Telo had to offer, including few beatdowns at GTs. Was great surfing with you mate!

Rob Stubblefield // Now here’s a fella you’d be happy to call a friend. An inventor (of motorbike tools) and a … cookie distributor, Rob grew up surfing Ocean Beach, but now lives in Idaho, skiing and snowboarding in his spare time. Initially a bit hesitant, Rob ended up absolutely charging! A top fella, Rob took pleasure handing out caps and t-shirts to locals, (and picking up colourfulnew phrases from the Aussies and his South African SuperGuides™ Dom and Skye.

Gerald Shields // A mate of Rob’s – this Ocean Beach banker was only too happy to swap his business suit for boardshorts. Mild and mellow on land, Gerry knew where to sit and score the bombs everywhere we surfed… (must be an Ocean Beach thing hey Mike & Imran?) Gerry – who also was extremely generous to the locals – enjoyed his one sneaky ciggy of an evening while reflecting on the glorious waves ridden that day.

And as we wave our guests goodbye as they pile aboard their homeward bound charter flight, the southern ocean swell machine shows no sign of slowing down – in fact … listen closely … what’s that rumbling sound? … things may be kicking up a gear! … And so the Telo Island Lodge stoke machine rolls on into tomorrow.
Big props to Dom, Skye, Elise and Klara. You guys rock.
Stay tuned. x