After a couple of wet weeks, the tail end of October has turned on some beautiful weather, and Huey is still in a generous mood.

Our new guests flew in to a nice run of 2-4 feet of swell which gave them two or three big sessions a day. Our masseuse has been on double duty, tending to a lot of surfed out bodies and sore shoulders.

The tapering swell over the last 48 hours has sent us to our small wave go-to spots, but we۪ve stlll been getting two solid sessions in a day.

Huey۪s sending another pulse our way over the next couple of days, which has got everyone a little excited.

We have even had legendary photog Andrew Shield capturing the action. His photos and drone footage do not disappoint.

Let۪s hope Huey keeps sending us the magic!

By Izaak van Druten – [email protected]

All Photos by Andrew Shield