As the world shrinks, pure wilderness surfing experiences are getting harder to come by these days.

That’s the appeal of Nootka. Merely a day’s travel from anywhere on the US mainland lies a sweet four-day hit of empty lineups, phenomenal fishing, world class dining, bear-spotting, you name it.

Since we announced our partnership with the incredible Nootka Wilderness Lodge, we’ve run a number of trips that have left guests surfed out, memory banks overflowing with the joy of the wild, and grateful for having a true ‘bucket-list’ experience under their belt.

So… how’s April looking for you? – specifically the last two weekends of April. We’ve got some  back-to-back openings available. it’s a chance for to surf sweet set-ups with not a soul around – barring you and your buddies, or the adventurous souls in your family.

Hit Gary, Pegasus’s sales fella, up with an email to set up a phone conversation. Gaz has done a few trips to Nootka (all in the name of research, of course) and he’ll testify to its magic.

Thing is, even though it’s hard to imagine, the day will come that this gloriously remote stretch of coast will get busier, so now’s the time to seize the day!

The floating lodge is as cosy and comfortable as can be; access is by the magic-carpet seaplane; the food is — forgive our language here – fricken phenomenal, and the crew at Nootka Island Lodge are the most hospitable, knowledgeable and friendly humans you can imagine.

PS: A quick note on the water temps. They stay stay pretty close to the waters of Santa Cruz and San Francisco. A 4/3 and some booties will do the trick. So yes, you need some rubber but it’s not Alaska!

Here’s a bunch of photos to see us out… but if you’re keen for April, or just want to explore other dates, drop Gary a line here.

Here’s some more pics.