Narooma’s Finest

By the end of most Aganoa trips, it’s safe to say a fair bit of bonding has gone down between the guests and their hosts. Backslaps and bro hugs are exchanged, as well as undertakings to do it again next year, etc.

Sometimes a trip’s so great that it gets real sad when it ends. Just ask our local legend guide Lee, who genuinely shed a tear or three when this recent trip wound down and the gang said their fond goodbyes.

And what a crew they were: Jodie, Danielle, Emily, Alice, Jen, Sally and Ash are a super cool gang of surfing mums from Narooma on the NSW South Coast. – dedicated members of the Dalmeny Boardriders Club.

As if sensing this was a special crew, Huey turned the settings to maximum fun at Middles, providing four feet of South West swell with minimal winds and no one else around.

And when they weren’t surfing, the pong table got a workout as did the SUPs, kayaks, snorkelling gear, not to mention the beers and vodkas.

It really was a great trip, and such a well-deserved break for this bunch of hard working humans!

Anyway, enough words from us, here’s the pics. We reckon the blowhole pic is pretty rad hey!

Thanks so much for coming guys, you made Aganoa more special than usual, and that’s saying something!