Lots of energy both in the ocean and around the Lodge this trip! Stevo and Anna Grimley from Adelaide brought their three sons (Tom, Alex and James) for a family holiday of a lifetime. They were joined by Ryan Davis, a ripper from Sydney; Joel and Carla Sitt and their daughter Sienna, as well as Sep and Alec, on the second half of their back-to-back extended Pinnacles stay.

Surfwise, the trip started off with head-high to overhead sessions at Max’s Left and Le Ba, then pulsed further with amazing GTs and our backyard break Pinnacles on absolute fire. By the time the swell ran out of puff on the last two days, so had we!

Here’s a few quick memories of the trip.

Stevo’s ability to ride frontside on both lefts and rights. The Switchfoot King!

Anna’s affinity and connection with the ocean.

Alex – the youngest of the brothers – and his obsession with getting PITTED!

James – the eldest of the three – looking out for his bros, and rockin’ his lucky footy shorts out in the lineup.

Tom – distinguishing himself with having a massive dig, check out his Pinnacles drop in the pics below.

Ryan – keenest frother on the trip, biggest ripper.

Joel (a fighter pilot instructor in Dubai no less) getting the best barrel of his life.

Carla and bub Sienna, just chilling and loving the tropics.

Sep and Alex surfing with the confidence you get with an extended stay at Pinnies.

But perhaps the memory that sums the magic most was Stevo surfing the bubble for four or five hours, with just his three sons in the water – glassy conditions, no-one else in sight. How special’s that?

That’s the kind of memory that never leaves you.