As you’ll see from the pics, head-high waves and light winds made for ten days of joy here at Pinnacles North Telo. Two swells in quick succession did the trick and an excellent surfing experience was had by all.

The highlight would have been an epic go-out at The Bubble one morning, followed immediately by a ‘quick’ three-hour session around the corner at Le Ba, with no-one but us trading waves.

Doesn’t get much better than that. Let’s meet our lucky guests eh?

Josh Jackson, Colorado, US.
Josh is an ex Pro snowboarder doing a 20-day stint in the Telos purely to work on his surfing performance. He couldn’t have picked a better place and time and it was ace to see his surfing advance from session to session.

Shahina and Marc Zaremba, California, US.

It’s safe to say husband and wife team Marc and ‘Sha’ had a great trip together. Marc’s a skilled SUP rider who showed a special affinity with our beloved Max’s Left, while Sha took advantage of every chance to get some well-deserved relaxation in and around the pool.

Lucy Elliott and Tom Merrett, Lombok, Indonesia.
Lucy and Tom came over from their adopted home in Lombok to sample some different setups. Lucy (originally from Bonny Scotland) loved spicing up her backhand on any lefts she could catch, and her surfing skyrocketed during the trip. The quietly-spoken Tom was a machine in the water, picking off the best waves and surfing them in his smooth powerful style.

Brad O’Gorman, Geelong, Australia.
Some surfers have a knack of throwing a longboard around like it’s a 5’10” twinny and making it look good. Braddo’s one such surfer. Racked up a nice barrel count at The Bubble too, by the way!

Brad, Lucy, Tom, Marc, Sha, Josh – thanks so much for spending time with us at Pinnacles! We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did hosting you! Cheers.