As the Indo Season supposedly winds down, clever humans come to Pinnacles to gorge on empty lineups and head-high sessions. And if there’s a birthday to be celebrated along the way, so much the better! Let’s meet this mellow bunch of champions.

David Sykes, Perry Harrison and Gary Coots.
A tight-knit trio of New-South-Welshmen. David the super-fit ringleader, Perry turning 50, and Gary turning 60. Three accomplished surfers all much making the most of the opportunity to be in each other’s excellent company and share some of life’s milestones.

Ken and Bonnie Troimaru. Ken brought his wife Bonnie out for her birthday (everywhere you looked, it was a birthday). Ken had the biggest grin on his face every time he took off on a wave and Bonnie just loved being on the water – whether in the boat or on a SUP, she might have been the keenest of ‘em all.

A small group is always special at PNT, we did a Telo Tour, dusk cruises on Pegasus One, snorkeling expeditions, and our session at Max`s Left with no-one out was one for the books. Clean, head high and non-stop.

Mellow Magic.

Andrew Shield was on hand to capture the pics, here’s a bunch of ’em now.