March Magic

It۪s still early in the season here in the Telo Islands, but the stirrings of swell sweeping up the Indian Ocean are definitely feeling loaded with a bit more grunt and substance. What a great time to be here!

Our guest group has been an all-American affair this week. Let۪s meet em.

First up we have Aaron and Danielle, who۪’ve who stopped by at Pinnacles on Telo as part of their epic global odyssey. They۪’ve been on the road for almost a year now but by their constant smiles, it would seem Pinnacles is certainly a highlight of their travels.

From stoked novices to seasoned campaigner. Telo legend Sammyʉwho۪s been here more than 20 times already, is cruising with bucketloads of experience and style. There isn۪t a single lineup Sammy doesn۪’t know like the back of his hand. Always in the spot!

Another returning Pegasus Stateside guest isDominic aka The Dominator. He۪s a funny bastard, our Dom: it۪s not uncommon for him to bellow Daddy۪s Home” when stroking into a good wave which gives everyone a laugh, and is only just the tiniest bit creepy.

And lastly,Jeremy J Boe has returned, bringing his epic son Steve out here for the first time. Hailing from New York, all these two fine gentlemen really needed was a bit of sun and an empty lineup or three to make their grins even wider and that’s exactly what we gave em.

We۪ll all remember this trip for the days of clean head high to overhead surf, sunset roof rides aboard Pegasus One with Bintang’s in hand, and lots of laughs by the pool and around the dinner table.

Not bad. Not bad at all.