It’s June and the Indian Ocean wave machine is humming at steady revs, with nothing too mind-blowingly huge, but fun waves every day. Our guests have had themselves a fine old time, with Superphotographer™ Andrew “Shooter” Shield on hand to document the action. OK. Enough writing, more pictures!

But before we rip in, a MASSIVE APOLOGY in case you found your inbox doubled or even tripled up with our recent report from Telo Lodge. Pegasus’s errant report-writing chimpanzee Gra (below) has been dealt a caning his buttocks won’t soon forget. (But seriously, apologies. We’ll sort our database demons out as a matter of priority.)

OK, on to our guests

Paul Taublieb // Straight outta Malibu, Paul’s a director, writer and producer of note, best known for films such as “The Vow” and award-winning doccos “Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau”, and “Groundswell: The Other Side Of Fear.” This renaissance man rode a SUP, a kneeboard and shorty, often in the same session. Paul reckons he caught the best wave of his life at Max’s Left this trip.

Alex Gansa // This humble gem of a fella hails from Pacific Palisades in California. He’s best known as creator, executive producer and writer of the Showtime series “Homeland” (which, if you haven’t seen it, as compelling and amazing as TV drama gets.) Alex and his longboard enjoyed some wide-screen vistas on the Max’s Left racetrack. A genuine pleasure to have you here, sir!

These two gentlemen were joined by an epic delegation from Kailua, Hawaii. First up, the Thibaut Family. Mum Amber, Dad Chris, and their supergroms Kai and Taj! As you’ll see from the pics below, the family that shreds together slays together … Amber runs an online kids’ clothing store, Chris is a successful entrepreneur, and it’s our pleasure to host them for a month-long stay. Is there anything more heartwarming than a family with a fun lineup to themselves? We think not. Anyway, here’s some pics of the team.

And finally, meet Scott LaRue and his son James. Friends of the Thibauts, this dynamic duo came out from Hawaii for ten days and had a blast. As well as distinguishing himself out in the water, young James enjoyed his first ever post surf Bintang. A rite of passage for any Indo adventurer. Remember, son: always hydrate with water first, and a cold beer is infinitely more enjoyable after a big day of throwing yourself into waves! Here’s some pics of these two fine men.

We did all the cool stuff. Telo tour, snorkels at Snake Island, grommet fishing adventures with Superguide™ Wobby, Bodysurfs at the E.R. You name it. But mostly we surfed, ate, laughed and surfed some more. Life is good. Come on out! Here’s a few more pics.