You probably haven’t heard of …Lost Surfboards by Mayhem – it’s an obscure surfboard brand with hardly any worthwhile team riders to speak o… WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Here’s just a few …Lost team riders: Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Grif Colapinto, Joan Duru, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho, Yago Dora, Mick Rodrigues, Taj Burrow and … BURGER

And if you follow the WSL pro tour, you’d know that Kolohe Andino and Riss Moore are currently holding down the number one spots in the world with …Lost shooters underfoot.

That kinda stat doesn’t happen everyday… So it’s fair to say Matt Biolos (San Clemente-based founder and head banana at …Lost) is a bloke who knows his way around a shaping bay.

Matt also digs coming to Telo Island Lodge. This was his fourth trip here, and as usual he brought a stellar cast of pals along for the ride. Let’s meet ‘em.

Rob Ripley, San Clemente. Rob’s second time to TIL. Mellow goofy who enjoyed flowing at The Left on a remake of the famous …Lost 5.5 x 19 3/4 fish. Dug his yoga too.

Rob brought along his lads Jaxon (16, quietly-spoken goofy a bit like his old boy, great snowboarder) and Niko (15, little Hurley-sponsored shredder, super helpful on the boat and happy to be paid in snacks.)

Colin McPhillips. San Clemente. Three-time Longboard World Champion who works at Namotu in Fiji. Found Le-Ba much to his liking.

Col brought his two boys as well: Dax (15, funny bugger, always stirring the boys up) and Kai (16, up-and-coming ripper with much potential.)

Pete Mathews. Bali. Owner of the …Lost Indo franchise and legendary White Monkey surf shop. Pete’s second trip to TIL. Pete’s a legend, always handing out merch for the staff and stoking people out.

Burger. Oahu, Hawaii. Burger’s the funniest bastard in the world. Ripped Max’s Left a new one. Had everyone in stitches the whole trip. Took Pinnacles by storm one day slamming the beers. Also smashed a million mi gorengs.

Surfwise, things got off to a flyer, with everyone getting bombs straight off the plane, and Max’s Right out front delivering the goods for the first few days. A decent four hour solo session at Le-Ba followed, but sadly the Indian Ocean threw an unseasonal sulk and the back half of the trip wasn’t exactly pumping. The boys still threw themselves at anything that broke though, including a marathon sesh at super clean Pinnacles.

It’s also worth reporting that this trip saw the official unveiling of Telo Lodge’s new fleet of incredible …Lost hire boards. These babies are C4 construction – which is basically all the good stuff of epoxies (wave catching buoyancy, light, responsive) but the rails can be buried like a classic PU build. They’re pretty bloody sweet, and… well, you know where to find ‘em! right here at Telo Island Lodge.

Anyway, massive thanks to Matt and the boys. That was fun!