Close your eyes at Telo Lodge, and what do you hear? You’ll hear the sound of surf on reef, the rustle of palm trees, and you’ll most likely pick up the twangy, (some say harsh) sounds of the Australian accent as Aussie surfers say Aussie things to their Aussie mates.

Not this trip, though. The airwaves instead carried the rounded vowels of British brothers Charlie & Simon, as well as the – well, we don’t know how to describe the Kiwi accents of three legend Unzud mates Brad, Aaron and Dave…

Anyway the lads kicked of their campaign with overhead surf out the front at Max’s Right, followed by fun sessions at The Left, which, as most know, is in our backyard… Dave however took it on himself to sneak off for a solo sesh at LeBa (the joys of having two boats eh?)

With some bombing swell coming through early in the trip, we passed on well overhead Max’s Left and took a punt on the mission to GTs. GTs needs a fair bit of energy to get moving, so we were stoked to be greeted by a empty line up and three-foot runners! Three foot GTs feels like five foot anywhere else and the boys dug in accordingly.

Since then, the swell has backed off nicely which has opened up some of our other options such as The E.R and Kindies.

We’ve been getting some good fish too! Wahoo and Doggie Tuna have been making for seriously good Sashimi on sunset.

Some awards:

Last left in the lineup, first on the rod: Braddo (NZ)
Kiwi ambassador of rugby, surf and beer: Aaron (NZ)
Wave magnet, spray thrower, Bintang smasher: Dave (NZ)
Most mellow and generous fella: Charlie (UK)
Most passionate lover of lefthanders: Simon (UK)

You’d swear all these blokes were best mates from years back. Everyone’s stuck together, sharing waves and staying up every night having beers and ripping on each other. It’s a beautiful thing.