Huey sent us bombing swell from the southern ocean, Argentina sent us the Mignaquy family, and the result was a really special experience for all of us.

Eduardo “Kiki” Mignaquy decided the best way to celebrate his retirement would be to bring the whole family over and have the trip of a lifetime. Let’s meet the gang!

First and foremost, Ed’s wonderful wife Maria, who captured proceedings with her love of photography, especially her grandson’s first birthday…

Son #1 Filipe: The full charger who’s just finished his architecture degree. Only wanted to get the heaviest drops and the widest barrels.

Son #2 Joaquin: The youngest of the three Mignaquy siblings, with energy to burn and a great backhand attack. Studying in Buenos Aires.

Maria “Jazmin” Mignaquy lives in Bondi with husband Juan and their one year old Salvador. For Jaz this was an extra special reunion with her Argentinian family.

Maria’s husband Juan was stoked also, frothing on the two surfs a day routine, and was the most improved surfer on the trip.

And of course Salvador “Salvi” Mignaquy. The one-year-old who basically took control of Pinnacles. We all spent time with Salvi and trust us, he loved every bit of attention. Lil’ champion!

And rounding out the crew, Paul O’Kane – hailing from Bondi back in the day but now living with his wife in Ireland and has been chasing Irish slabs for the last 20 years. Now a member of the extended Mignaquy family and an absolute hellman. Like Kiki, Paul’s also celebrating his retirement, though shows no sign of slowing down in thw water.

Now, you’d think from the pics that all we did was charge bombs at the Big Right, and that’d be the highlights for most of the crew, but we also surfed Le Ba, Pinnacles, Bubble and The Left. We toured the Telos, including the incredible old churches there, we fished and snorkelled, we feasted and laughed.

We opened our doors to the Mignaquys, they opened their hearts to us, and so it felt like family.

Adiós, familia!