The great thing about Aganoa is the options that accommodate the different experience levels of our guests: Like on this last trip, during the peak of the swell, we had out the front heaving and firing, while legend local guide Lee took a few crew back down to Middles for more playful options, meanwhile ‘Little Lefts’ out the front was ideal for some to stand up on the first waves of their lives. One day, all bases covered.

Anyway, let’s say a quick g’day to this weeks guests!

Jason from Tauranga, NZ.
Owns his own tailoring business and certainly had the Aganoa end section stitched up alright!

Ade and Jenny from Mt Managnui, NZ. Ade runs a framing business and Jen an Air BnB. Ade’s highlight might have been the stunning mullet haircut given by his mate Stu.

Stu and Karina from Tauranga, who brought kids Dylan and Jade along with ‘em too: Stu’s a return guest who brought his fishing gear over and left it with his good mate Lee. Karina loved time with the kids, showing them around the island etc. Dylan’s a great fisherman like his Dad, and Jade gave haircuts to most of the boys on the trip.

Julie and Brian from San Francisco were a honeymooning couple cruising and surfing through a few special Pacific Islands. Next stop, Fiji.

Craig and Christine from the Oz Central Coast. Craig gave the solid days a real nudge and Chris made the most of every relaxing moment under the Samoan sun!

A few quick highlights: Everyone taking a step out of their comfort zone on ‘Big Tuesday’ to catch some of the biggest waves of their lives; a spectacularly powerful blowhole day; a great day at the waterfall with everyone using the waterfall for a natural massage; making friends with two very large coconut crabs; and finally, some absolutely stunning mullet haircuts that became known as the annual holiday trim.

It was a great trip with a great bunch of humans. Thank you so much for coming over! We had a blast!

Camera issues meant we don’t exactly have a bunch of pics to share but here’s a few snaps.