This is why we come to the Telos. Surf. Fizzing, hissing, cracking, booming, perfect surf.

The Indian Ocean pumped, and our guests leaned into a trip for the books.

When the surf’s on fire like this, everything gets reduces to the fundamentals. Dinner was really important on this trip. With full attendance every night, reciting the highs and lows and voting on who performed through the day. Tom Reardon recited a great poem at the end of the trip that brought home how blessed this Aussie contingent were for waves and good times.

Consistent swell throughout had Trip Five launch into The Bubble and Max’s Right, then Max’s Left and Pinnacles were put over our knees and given a good spanking, not to mention a classic session at GTs, with Mark and Patrick getting phenomenally shacked in front of the peanut gallery. Trip’s end saw Max’s Left as large as it can handle, and all rising to the occasion.

With no further ado, let’s meet the crew of Aussie champions.

Alistair MacMillian // Return guest Big Al put this trip together, booking it two years ago. Slayed it out at Max’s Left on his seven foot single fin.

Tom Martin // Quiet fella who let his surfing speak for itself – smooth style on his Tomo shape out at Max’s left. (Got a little ambitious paddling out at cooking Schoolyards and got very schooled!)

John Pagliario // Epic returning guest. Started out on a soft top at cooking Bubble and Max’s right. Progressed to his mid-length and sent it on the best waves at Max’s left. John’s a wise and funny bloke, who had us in stitches every night with his quirky banter.

Thomas Rylance // A return guest who had some unfinished business at Schoolyards. Tom copped an absolute flogging at Schoolies on a previous trip, so no sooner had we pulled up at this sometimes challenging reef, than our man was over the side and paddling into a bomb before anyone else had reached the lineup. Well played, Sir!

Tom Reardon // A keen fisherman and patriotic Ausie. Rallied the crew at sunrise on the 25th April to comemerate ANZAC day. Recited a great poem on the final night. Thanks Tom!

Mark Beauchamp // CHARGER! Didn’t fall on one wave at GTs. Always looking for the tube at Max’s Left. Loved a Bintang! Did we mention he charges?

Patrick Reardon // The mellower they come, the harder they charge. Zen master Pat distinguished himself as the lone goofy footer at GTs and didn’t hold back – didn’t miss a single surf session either.

Dustin Boughton // Ah, DB, you’re a style master mate with a lovely backhand attack. Great to sit down and have a yarn with this fella, who always had time for all the staff.

Cameron Abrahams // Far and away the most improved surfer of the trip. Great attitude no matter the conditions, and last on the dance floor everytime. Surfed with his tongue hanging out like a dog in an open car window! (We mean this as a huge compliment)

Cheers legends! Thanks for coming out. That was epic! See you again soon!