Epic waves and good times aside, one of the greatest things about a trip to the Telos is connecting with Indonesia’s rich culture, and the kind-hearted, resilient people of the Telo Islands.

This trip coincided with August 17, Indonesia’s Independence Day, marking the moment back in 1945 when Indonesia declared itself, well, independent. It was a gutsy move, the start of four years “diplomatic and armed resistance, fighting against the forces of the Netherlands and pro-Dutch civilians, until they officially acknowledged Indonesia’s independence in 1949.”

OK, history lesson over. It was a blast for our guests to join in the fun of the Independence Day celebrations on the 17th, and as always, it’s our deep privilege to operate our humble lodges in this beautiful, diverse nation. Let’s meet our visitors …

Jason Hartung // Californian goofyfooter who would marry Max’s Left if such a thing was allowed, such was his fondness for that fine break. Jase is one of those excellent humans who’s always tuned in to the needs of people around him. He may have been devoted to Max’s Left, but according to SuperGuide™ Alix, “without a doubt Jason caught the biggest and best wave of the trip at Pinnacles, on the last day.” A fitting way to go out.

Bryce Skaff // This smiling fella splits his time between California and Hawaii. Always moving. Super fit and an absolute paddling demon. Bryce found Le-Ba to be his fave, and will remember one sunset session in particular for a long time.

Scotty Atkinson // Hawaii-based return-guest Scotty works in reef and ocean conservation, and (as a treat for tongue-twister fans everywhere), we had many constructive conservation conversations. Scotty might have racked up the most hours in the water, particularly if we were at Le-Ba, or Pinnacles.

Gavin Sandercoe // It takes a certain breed of man to rock Budgie Smugglers, (ie: teenie tiny form-fitting ‘speedo’ swimmers) and Doc Gavin is one such man. An Iron Man athlete, “Dr Budgie Smuggler” really benefited from our surf coaching, and came to rule the Pinnacles break, always waiting for the bomb out the back. Mixed Margaritas behind the bar with surgical precision.

Jeremy Hunt // The affable Doctor Jez is a surfer after our own heart. A confidence player who’s unstoppable when he’s on song, then occasionally losing rhythm. Oh man, we can relate! Jeremy came into rich form at Max’s Left one morning and it was a pleasure to witness. Loved the Telo tour so much that he carried on riding while the crew made a pit stop at the Karaoke bar.

Fred Clarke // The Negroni is an Italian cocktail, made of one part Gin, one part Vermouth and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. It is considered one of the finest cocktails. Dr Fred Clarke is a cruisy, 50 year old doctor of medicine, considered one of the finest gents around, and is a master of creating the perfect Negroni.

Alex Phoon // Alex is yet another Australian medico (yep, the docs are all good mates). The less experienced surfer of the bunch, Alex certainly didn’t hold back, destroying two boards in the first two days. Yet another member of the group who adored Le-Ba. Always with a smile on his dial.

Tom Sproats // Florida based Tom is a fit unit, which is fitting as he works in the fitness industry, helping start-ups get off the ground. Didn’t back down when the bigger sets came his way at Le-Ba, and created a beskpoke volleyball court on the pool deck using our outdoor furniture. Didn’t mind a Bintang with his great pal Mitch.

Mitch Squires // Mitch is a gun architect. Out of Newcastle, Australia, now working out of Hong Kong, with the added claim to fame of being Tommy’s brother in law. Mitch threw down classic MR-style bottom turns at Pinnacles, and threw dirt on his Telo tour scooter – spraying buddy Alex after a pitstop at the karaoke bar.

This trip was all about super positive vibes, no shortage of good times and big smiles, even with the weather and surf being less than stellar at times. Thanks for coming out guys, you make our job extremely rewarding! Oh and big ups to SuperBarTender™ and all-round legend Fredy for nine years married to his wonderful wife Rini. Well played, Fredy! Here’s some pics to see us out