A pic-heavy, word-light roll-call of  recent salty adventures.

Fernando Berdegue Junior. Fernando just come in hot from partying in Bali  and was keen to score some waves! Just like his father, he was getting all the sets and definitely got wave of the day when the Right was firing. He also took big risks at Dislocators and almost found out why it’s called that fearsome name.

Not to be outdone, Fernando Berdegue Senior! Despite some rain and days of small swell on this trip, we were able to find waves in between the pumping days – we were able to surf GTs, Dislocators and The Right all in one day! Fernando is one of the world’s top contributors to the Ripcurl GPS watch app, he’s got tens of thousands of waves recorded on there.

Jan-Paul Kobarg – a return guest arrived to meet his surf buddy, another ‘JP.’ Jan-Paul requested to only eat local food and to get the same level of spiciness as the locals would. It must have paid off because boy did he clock up some serious paddle time! JP scored the Left cooking and got some super fun ones out at Kindies.

Jean-Phillippe Gaillard. The ‘other’ JP, from Manly was simply enjoying getting away from the stresses of Sydney and enjoying getting a few uncrowded waves his belt. Surfing solid session’ each day, he was always smiling and keen to keep improving his surfing. He certainly succeeded in this regard!

Zach Miller! The Zach Attack! Zach’s a pro skater with a deep passion for surfing and shaping surfboards. Brought three beautiful self shaped boards with him for this trip and ripped on all of ’em. After scoring waves with us, he’ll be returning to complete some projects back at home – one being launching his new signature pair of Spy sunglasses.

Groovster Kai Rogers was never seen without his Super 8 camera in hand or riding anything with more than two fins. Being a goofy he was frothing to go left and his effortless Craig Anderson/Wayne Lynch style suited the Left perfectly. Kai was riding one of Zach’s shapes and clocked up some mileage on that board this trip. No stranger to sunset sessions, Kai was always the last one left in the water.

Clay Rogers, from Maui, Hawaii, always managed to stroke into many bombs every session. Despite breaking one of his favorite boards out at solid Schoolyards he continued to shred on his twinny. Just like Kai and Zach, he was on the pulse everyday, and would collect floating trash during his surfs and stash them in his rashie. Good fella.

Paul Hawke hails from Sydney and had an altercation with his board on his first surf. Two stitches and a few days later he was back in action, and despite claiming an allergy to surfing on his backhand, was caught red handed getting sick waves at The Left.

Jack Mok, now known as ‘Kindies’. After his deep love for the wave of that name. Often the first one in the water and at the coffee bar in the morning. Jack got some super sick waves this trip! Not afraid of our freshly baked cookies either.

Chris Mok arrived nursing an old knee injury but this didn’t stop him stroking into some fun ones. Especially out at The Left and The Bubble, where he had his better sessions on the longboard! A frequent massage goer, Chris always was as cool as cucumber the whole trip.

Danny Dayton, from Cali, added flair and helped psych up the crew during our afternoon sessions with sweet music on the boat. He managed to score The Right cooking when half the crew decided to hang back and relax one afternoon, and got some of his better waves of the trip. Danny always had some cool stories to tell after our long days of surfing.

And just a few more pics of this n that and we’ll get out of your way!