Frothing Family Friendly February

Righto, so trip number one for Pinnacles on Telo’s first full calendar year kicked off in wholesome style with the arrival of the Nile family from Cornwall in the UK: (Dad Chris, Mum Mel, Kids Alec and Lizzie), Al Mitchell from Guernsey, and Jen Murdoch from Angourie, here to catch up with husband Gra who’d attached himself to the Pinnacles lodge with the tenacity of a barnacle.

The trip ran from mid to late Feb, and in that time we were treated to typical early-season atmospherics and surf conditions sure the swell didn’t exactly rain from the sky, but there wasn’t a day we didn’t have fun waves to ourselves and that’s an equation we were all more than happy with.

Swell wise, this trip was a bit like a camel, a bump at the start and a bump towards the end: When the swell energy was marginal, the good old E.R delivered head-high rights and lefts without fail, and during the pulses we were all over Max’s Left, Kindy’s, Schoolyards and our backyard break, Pinnacles, which provided some of the highlight sessions of the trip. (We may have surfed another break but we keep that one on the DL.)

About the only thing better than surfing with a few of your mates is surfing with your kids. Father and son team Alec and Chris had some sessions together that they’ll look back on with fondness for the rest of their lives. It was amazing to see young Alec step up in confidence and skill level with each session, taking off deeper and deeper and not holding back over the reef.

As Chris and Alec surfed themselves into a stupor, Mel and Lizzie snorkelled, explored, swam, paddled, pooled, did the odd cooking class, and generally spent the whole day in or around the ocean.

Al Mitchell is a quietly spoken Creative Director from Guernsey whose love of surfing is such that on the last day, he and compadrĢ© Gra Murdoch had racked up four sessions: Kindys, Schoolies, The Left and finally Pinnacles til dark. Gra and Al hadn’t seen each other for a few years and so it was a beautiful thing to see these two middle aged gentlemen try to outsurf each other the way old mates do. The verdict? The years have been kinder to Mr Mitchell.