Sheesh! Sorry about the delay on this one! The Keightleys were here in the last week of September and it’s taken far too long for us to get this report up…

Anyway, it feels like just yesterday had Paul, Chloe and Harry as guests here.

And what a switched on bunch of humans they were! Paul (PJ) is a dentist, Chloe’s a doctor and Harry’s studying IT at Uni. There was no shortage of waves for this smart, salty family from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast!

They arrived to see Aganoa Rights doing its thing for the first few days and got stuck in. With PJ and Harry both being goofies, however, the majority were keen for lefts, and so for the following days we did the dawn drive round to Middles, which was throwing up fun sized lefts for the goofy brigade. (Chloe didn’t seem to mind on her backhand one bit.)

When not surfing, the family – avid readers – managed to devour a fistful of books each (“The only chance we get to read” bemoaned both parents), and the pong table got a serious workout, with mum Chloe managing to take son Harry down. This fact has now been recorded for posterity in this report. You’re welcome Chloe.

Undaunted, Harry turned on an impromptu longboarding display one afternoon out front at Little Lefts, which might have been the entertainment highlight of the trip, with party waves and coffin rides. Paul had always suspected Harry had an inner longboarder lurking in the depths of his soul, and this proved to be the case.

The Keightleys loved the food (especially the Umu feast on the last evening), enjoyed taking in the sunsets together, as well as their tour of some of the island’s more hidden secrets.

In all, it was a mellow, joyful and loving kind of week, because the Keightleys are a mellow, joyful and loving find of family. It was truly a pleasure to host you. Thank you so much for coming out guys!