People fill the downtime between surfs in different ways here at Aganoa. Some guests take the chance to chill – get horizontal and move their limbs only when needed to turn the page of a book or sip a cold beverage. Others keep a little more busy.

This week’s intrepid guests have enjoyed all the activity options Aganoa has to offer, and even create a new activity – Extreme Drone Saving™ – along the way.

Hong and Brian are from New York, and much like the City that never sleeps, these two fellas filled their days with adventure.

Brian is a Investment Banker and an avid pilot. Hong works for a tech company and is a keen photographer who had the drone out each day. (We’ll get to the drone in a bit.)

Surfwise, the Pacific was a bit sleepy this week, turning on two feet of agreeable action at Middles for most of the trip, with a pulse on the last day that gave a taste of Aganoa Right. Light winds all week kept surfaces smooth.

As you’ll see from the pics the lads stayed got their share of waves, but made the most of every opportunity for salty adventures.

We had a couple of epic drone saves: The first one was at the waterfall where Brian swam 10 meters in approximately .67 seconds to catch Hong’s dying drone a mere inch above the water,

The second drone save was even more epic: the drone was following our fishing boat out to sea when it spat the dummy – tried to head back to shore – and was about to ditch itself in the drink five meters from land. We fanged the boat back around to land and made the save.

It was a fun trip with these two champion fellas, Thanks heaps for coming out, ya legends!