Contagious Smiles

Our new group of guests James, Dave &Val, and the Meadows family came off the plane with big grins, bursting with excitement at the prospect of ten days in paradise. They۪ve certainly made their time count, with barely a moment of downtime.

Surfwise, it۪s been a mixed bag. Though there۪s been plenty of swell, the winds have been variable. The beauty of this archipelago is that it۪ll always be offshore somewhere! And as surf guides we welcome the challenge to put our guests into the best waves possible.

An uncharacteristic south wind the other day led us to surfing a new, previously unsurfed break. The guests loved coming up with a name for it but you۪ll have to come see it yourself to get let in on that secret!

Dave &Val, our loved-up couple from Australia have been exploring a different, shall we say more romantic aspect of the Telos stealing away on island tours with great snorkeling, having private dinners overlooking the ocean, and going on scenic picnics on distant islands with no-one but each-other for company, and a cold beverage in hand.

That۪s one of the great things about Pinnacles on Telo whether surfing or adventuring or connecting with a loved one, everyone knows they۪re in a special place. There۪s no egos, everyone becomes friends. On this trip in particular, there۪s been so much frothing, camaraderie and laughter, I think our cheeks are sorer from laughing than our bodies are from surfing!

It really was special having you guys here.

Words by Tory Gilkerson

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Photos & Videos by Andrew Shield