Some cruisy characters made Pinnies home last week. Moderate swell and mellow winds opened up a wide spectrum of breaks – from Le Ba to Max’s Right to The Bubble, and our backyard Break Pinnacles was in fine form.

We surfed, we dived, we snorkelled through caves, we fished, and there may even have been some fire-dancing somewhere in the mix!

Let’s meet this fine band of humans.

Scotty Featherby: Emergency Doc from Perth, WA. Had a constant smile on his face and was happy to commit to whatever section was thrown ahead of him.

Marty Colombatto: Celebrated his 60th in style with his two best friends, (think epic surfs together, think dancing around a beach bonfire like howling banshees in their underpants with a few Bintangs under their belts etc.) Champion!

James Vance: James was the trip’s official first-in last-out fella. His trusty Rusty 9’6” enjoyed many fine rides underfoot.

Ray Collins: Esteemed ocean photographer and fan of being in the sea: when Ray wasn’t surfing, swimming, mat-riding, bodysurfing or handplane-ing, he was coffee-ing – this man doesn’t mind the odd brew of beans.

Andrew Phillips: The mellow cruiser from Thirroul who will sit the deepest and make every single wave.

Dana Cook: It was Dana’s first time in Indo and we’re pretty sure this fine fellow will be back!

Actually we suspect this won’t be anyone’s last trip to these parts!

Righto, here’s some pics!