Breathing Space

A quiet trip this one – with just four guests – and it was delightful. Without further ado, meet…

Joe and Deb Evans. Perth, WA.
This is Joe’s fifth trip and Deb’s third, and they are the two nicest humans you will ever come across. Joe will go for any wave he’s called into, no matter how much it’s slabbing and paddle back out with a big smile. Both Deb and Joe got right into their morning yoga and Joe was stoked to make contact with his toes for the first time in his life by the end of the trip. Deb might have set the record for most laps walked of our island too, by the way. Joe and Deb are already planning their 2020 trip and we’re already looking forward to seeing them again.

Jan Bachmann.
Sydney, NSW.
An I.T fella – originally from Canada – Jan was touch-and-go for making this trip, as he was suffering a neck issue, but the decision to come was vindicated as he didn’t let it hold him back from charging the sets (particularly out the front) on his trusty MR shooter. Absolute champion.

Clive DuPlessis. Sydney, NSW.
A good mate of Jan’s and, similarly, a fellow IT comrade. Former Springbok now a fully fledged ‘Strayan. Big fan of the lefts we took him to (some well-known, some not so well-known), and got “The longest waves of my life” on a session at Max’s Left… Clive got off to a slow start on the under-volumed boards he brought for the trip, but after Zak got a 42-litre board under him, he turned into a wave-catching beast! Clive plans to sell his boards and buy the exact same board Zak gave him. There’s absolutely no truth to the rumour he might be getting a “40 litres of freedom” tattoo when he returns home.

Surfwise, well, June keeps delivering. Out the front was really consistent for the whole trip, along with the Left when the charter boats weren’t around. We also sessioned The Bubble and a few other spots we like to keep quiet. Our yoga-and-guest-services manager Marta kept the crew loose, limber and stoked, and basically it was just a truly great low key trip, with smiles all round.

Here’s a bunch of pics!