There’s nothing like it in surfing. Seriously.¬†

Imagine¬†an edge-of-the-earth surf + adventure experience that’s merely a day’s travel from anywhere on the US mainland.

A four-day hit of empty lineups, phenomenal fishing, world class dining, bear-spotting, you name it. You’re based on a floating lodge, and access is via the deluxe magic carpet ride of an epic floatplane. ¬†

As announced earlier this year, Pegasus have teamed up with Nootka to create a series of bespoke wilderness surf experiences. We ran three trips in September/October which exceeded ALL¬† expectations,¬†and so we’re STOKED to announce we’re running a bunch of trips starting April 2023.

Seeing as Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, corral your surf/fishing/adventure buddies and hit Gary (Pegasus’s super-keen goofy-foot sales guy) up with an email to set up a phone conversation.

Truly, it’s an epic trip, and when it comes to a Black Friday consideration, a surf / adventure experience of a lifetime next year is probably more worthwhile than the discounted whitegoods or laptops or whatever offers have landed in your intray this week.

A quick note on the water temps.¬†They stay stay pretty close to the waters of Santa Cruz and San Francisco. A 4/3 and some booties will do the trick. So yes, you need some rubber but it’s not Alaska.

OK, so enough from us.¬†Seriously, you’d do this trip for the fishing and the wilderness experience and the world class chef alone. (Actually, you’d do it for the desserts alone) But there’s waves! Empty, varied, wilderness waves!

Here’s a bunch of photos to see us out…