After the apocalyptic swell bombardments of July, it’s been a relief of sorts to enjoy fun surf in the three to five feet range.

We had a really great group of guests dip their toes in the Pinnacles infinity pool this last week. Let’s find out a bit about ’em shall we?

First, let’s meet Alec and George. The well read among you might recognise the names from a recent Telo Island Lodge surf report. Having just spent 10 days at the Lodge, these two champion blokes have come over to Pinnacles to make it 20 days in paradise.

Alec – from New York – has a habit of scraping his feet on the reef and, when stressed, ravages the cooler on board the boat for comfort food – no Beng Beng chocolate bar is safe with Alec in the house, while George is a quick-witted Englishman who lives in Costa Rica. Lots of laughs with these two.

Drew Delis is from Santa Monica, California. Drew came on his own, and is one of the bigger legends we’ve met: awesome guy and surfs amazingly well with a prosthetic leg.

Then we’ve got another pair of mates who’ve been surfing together for decades: Steve and Chris. Steve hails from California and has a sneaky sixth sense around our backyard break of Pinnacles – sometimes hanging back at base when the boat headed out to search for surf, then scoring a magic solo session at Pinnacles. Chris lives in Kauai and to put it simply, is an absolute magician on as longboard.

Adding some cosmopolitan style to proceedings, Antoine is a Frenchman living in London. This is his second time back at Pinnies, and he loved every moment of being back, especially his beloved Max’s Left

And last, but certainly not least, The Stein Family from Maui: Dave, Nyla and young Max. Dave tackles tow-days at Maui’s fearsome ‘Jaws’, but was more than stoked to rip into head-high Bubble. Nyla and Max were happy to hang out poolside much of the time, with Nyla enjoying sunset swims round the island.

Five-year-old Max wasn’t particularly keen to get in the water at the start of the trip, but by the end had a lot of confidence and stoke in the briny. Little champion!

Overall, it was a trip marked by modest swells. Kindies sessions aplenty, with incredible waves at the Left and The Bubble the last few days, with not a lot of people around. The consensus being these were some of the best waves the boys have ever seen.