awesome foursome

Hard to believe we’re halfway through April already! And true to early-season form we’ve had decent swell energy, light winds, and an extremely stoked guest group.

Due to a family regrettably having to cancel their trip, we had four lucky guests with the lodge and lineups to themselves, and they certainly made the most of the quality on offer.

Let’s meet our quartet of happy frothers eh?

First up, “Baird” and delightful partner Lucy, a loved-up couple from Nantucket, just off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Baiard might be the most positive guy we’ve ever met – we’ve never seen anyone get so excited about a plate of fried noodles before – and Lucy similarly had the biggest smile every wave she took off on.

Then we have Jamie, a successful business fella from Sydney whose twin loves – surfing and fishing – were more than taken care of, and Ian, who racked up the most hours in the water – first in, last out, no matter if it was waist high or overhead.

Surfwise, we generally rode the classics: Max’s Left, the Bubble and Kindies. The standout session was definitely a pre-dawn strike mission at The Left, riding waves that felt like the stuff of dreams.

Out of the water, the highlight would definitely have been our school visit. Jamie brought over a bunch of colouring pens and books and stickers and the stoke and gratitude we were greeted with at the local school when we made our donations will make us smile whenever we remember that amazing afternoon.

Overall, it was a classic Pinnacles on Telo Trip: quality waves, amazing food, lots of laughs, some adventure thrown in, and friends made forever.