We couldn’t ask for a better way to ease back into the swing of things than have the delightful company of this cruisy and awesome foursome here at Pinnacles.

Oliver and Susan Maudiere.
These guys hail from San Francisco. (Olly’s from France originally, Sue’s from Ohio). Olivier picked up surfing pretty late – aged 36 – and this was his introduction to surfing on reefs. As you’ll see in the pics he did just fine. (Having one other surfer in the water with his certainly didn’t hurt!)
Sue packed a lot in to her time here, racking up the hours submerged with a snorkel, doing school excursions and generally immersing herself in the Telo flow with a constant smile on her dial.

Andy and Sally Peterson.
Cornwall, UK, couple. Andy’s always-considerable froth level reached new heights on this trip: free of 5mm of neoprene, and with empty lineups aplenty, Andy surfed ‘til he practically couldn’t move except for cracking a rewarding ‘tang.
Andy and Sally are an epic chef/manager combo at their restaurant in Cornwall. Half the year they work, the other half they cruise Europe in the coolest RV you’ll ever see. Sally used this trip as a much needed recharge of the batteries. Sal also has excellent, encyclopedic taste in ‘80s music.

Surfwise, our heroes scored!
It was small and clean at the start, cooking for the most of the time. Some days we spent eight hours in the water, and getting sessions in at Max`s left, Pinnacles, Bubble and Leba – all in the one day – wasn’t unheard of.
Oh, and we surfed on our own the whole time!
Get yourselves over here! Pronto!