Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report

Untouched Perfection.
As the devil, on-shore winds continue to blow through out the week at Aganoa it didn’t keep us from scoring prefect, empty waves!
Each morning the van would be loaded with boards and on its way to a break called ‘Middles’ along the South West coast, without fail on every arrival we were greeted with 4 foot A-frame waves all to our selves. As the tide began to get lower, we continued further down the coast line to a secret, untouched break called ‘Coconut Grove’. The waves here were super long, 5-6 foot, left handers that would peal along the white sandy coast – a Goofy footers dream!
We packed a esky with freshly picked salad from our Hydroponic set-up back at the lodge and fresh tuna to enjoy while looking at one of Samoas most pristine stretch of coast line it has to offer. Our guests last day at Aganoa involved a quick surf session at Middles followed by a stop at the famous ‘Taga Blowholes’ which indeed were pumping and then lastly, we freshened up in the fresh water of the beautiful ‘Afu Aau Waterfall’ 
All in all, it was a great week with plenty of waves and good vibes. Looking forward to what next week brings for our new guests arriving tomorrow.